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The Blackangel

Name A Country Without The Letter "A" In It

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I'll get it started. If someone has gotten the country already, you can't repeat it. Each country can only be mentioned one time. And no googling it.

Czech Republic
Puerto Rico

That's all I can think of at the moment. What can anyone else come up with?

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Given that every country that has "...stan" or "...land" in it is out, this is actually quite hard. This is the best I can do since so many of the countries I though of have already been mentioned.



United Kingdom



Tibet (I don't mean to get political, but I admit that there is a chance that doesn't technically count)

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17 hours ago, m76 said:

No, just what first came to my mind, that hasn't been mentioned yet.

Ohh,  I was glad to see you mentioning two African country names. Such shows, many people know about African countries too, even if, majority of their popularity is low. 

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