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The Blackangel

Scripted things in games that you find hilarious

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I have seen a few things in RDR2 that were funny, most of them glitches. Things like Uncle playing air banjo, and a guy flying down the main drag in Valentine at roof level. But those were both glitches.

Now there are two things I find absolutely hilarious from the game.

1) After hitting up Six Point Cabin and Kieran being free in the gang, Jack starts throwing rocks at him. When Abigail sees this she does what every parent does and asks him what he's doing. He tells her that he is "throwing rocks at the O'Driscoll". Abigail pulls him aside and tells him not to do that and leave it to the adults.

2) After bringing Sean back he and Karen slip off into a tent. Two minutes later Karen comes storming out yelling at him for finishing too soon and her not getting one. By the looks of it, she hadn't even gotten her clothes off.

These things are literally scripted, and not glitches. Rockstar took the time to have their actors record the lines and do the motion capture. I laugh my ass off when either of these happen.


So what scripted things make you laugh in games?

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Portal 2 is still probably the only game I’ve played where the writing is laugh out loud funny in the way a great comedy would be. Other games have funny elements to the gameplay but I’d still put portal 3 as the funniest game I’ve played

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I'm not quite sure if this counts, but the way you can impact your environment via destruction in Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is incredible. They really thought of everything, from cutting ropes on bridges to cause enemies to fall, to having chandeliers swing into patrols.

There was also the beginnings of The Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles, where you could kill off or render insane a group of adventurers entering a dungeon. Not to mention getting a pleasant view of the Realm of the Mad God if you decided to hit him.

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15 minutes ago, killamch89 said:

Trevor is my favorite character in the entire story - you just know he's going do something so random.

Even in most of his dialogues, he's always going to say something weird and off that's definitely going to get you cracked up with laughter. He's the perfect character in the GTA game. 

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