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14 hours ago, Heatman said:

I'm in the mood for racing games today. Let's try out either Need for Speed Heat or Dirt. 

Which one did you later play today? I managed played Fallout 76 and Ghost of Tsushima. 

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I played my usual list of games for this month, Red Dead Online, Fornite , Apex Legends and Horizon Zero Dawn.
Im actually getting tired of RDO its becoming more of a grind rather than fun. Im enjoying the current Fornite season I like that we dont have any construction, makes the game faster and more action oriented, but I dont like the skins on the season pass. Im enjoying Apex once again but I still hate the loot boxes and the lack of skins of the battle pass.

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7 hours ago, Crazycrab said:

I was struck with with COVID a couple of weeks back, but thankfully I had just gotten my copy of Horizon Forbidden West to keep me occupied under lockdown.  Fantastic game, improves on Horizon Zero Dawn in almost every way.

I'm happy you're fine now, after battling with Covid 19. Getting back to playing your favourite games and getting into Horizon Zero Dawn is tremendous one too. 

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