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Favorite creative minds in gaming?

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Bloober team is the most creative I have ever seen. There is brilliance out there, but one has creative brilliance artistically; and that is Bloober Team. In both their series they have used art to expose psychological problems. Art doesn't get any better than the Layers of Fear series. And when you ask about creative minds, they are the foundation of creativity. They are the pedestal. Anyone that wants to see art at play in its finest represented in video games, then heed my words. I've never experienced anything so great in the art world. That series is the finest that any developer can come up with. I have faith there will be others. Just not much faith there is other artistically brilliant minds in the gaming world. 

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Peter Molyneux is easily the first one that comes to mind. Crap execution of his ideas, and he certainly can't do it on his own because there's simply not enough hours in the day to learn how and put them into practice, but they're good ideas all the same. I could easily listen to him talk at length about any subject.

And while I don't like Josh Sawyer's works when he's surrounded by yes-men, I appreciate his perfectionism and wanting everyone to know his exact thought process.

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