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Joshua Farrell

Movies you just hate.

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What movies could you never get into, and hated the most?

I hated the movie Timeline, because of how much of the book they altered, just to make a movie. It was one of those that if they had actually just followed the story as is, it could have been made into a great movie, even if they altered chapter placement that would have made better sense in a different part for the movie. One of my favorite Michael Crichton books that failed my expectations.

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I absolutely hated Robert. They got absolutely nothing right. The first 5 minutes had me so pissed off, I was ready to hunt down every one of the asswads involved in making it and beat them to death. Another movie that was just flat out fucking stupid was The Expendables. 15 muscle men, 30 years past their prime, 50 past the time they would have been a good choice for such a movie, and a complete piece of shit plot. If it can even be called that. But the most pathetic part on that one is that THEY MADE SEQUELS.


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The Hunger Games, I don't think any other film pissed me off like that did.  Nauseating camerawork, bland characters and some of the most utterly nonsensical plot points I have ever experienced.  Not to mention how it blatantly rips off Battle Royale.

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