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Is Facebook involved with Esports?

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Facebook has their hand in the streaming market as well, but it's a more open market as pretty much anyone can stream on Facebook. Of course, Gaming has their own section and it got me thinking. Since Facebook has their game streaming options, do you think they'll be doing any esporting events? I can see Facebook starting their own league. They have the money to do just about anything they want, and I can see them getting involved with esports in some ways. What do you think though?

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11 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Mark Zuckerberg is always looking to make even more money. As $82 billion, he's already wiping his ass with $100 bills. So it's not like he needs it, but he's still greedy as hell. If he thinks he can make a nickel off of it, he's going to go for it.

Yeah, he already bought out the oculus rift, so he could easily buy up some other products and games. I think he's spoken about getting more involved with the gaming industry. 

11 hours ago, AndreiMirfi said:

Facebook is kinda trying to partner with everything these days.

True, they see to be putting money down for a lot of things. 


11 hours ago, Crazycrab said:

As far as I can tell ESPN seems to have the broadcast rights for ESports, at least the major ones.

I don't think they own the rights to all ESports. I think they just broadcast tournaments and events. But I think there's been a lot of other ESports broadcasts out there. 

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On 1/22/2021 at 6:26 AM, killamch89 said:

I hope not because they just want your data - I don't know why they're so desperate for it though...Facebook knows nothing about E-gaming and likely won't make any meaningful contribution towards the widespread adoption of E-gaming.

They go where the money is. I mena after all they want their streaming services to be the number 1, but it just won't happen.

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