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  1. I've spent £100+ on a mobile game called Clash Royale. While I don't regret it because I spent a lot of time on the game, it wasn't very smart of me and I wouldn't advise it to anyone, lol.
  2. I don't use Intel products, only AMD, although I don't really know the difference between either. Still, let's go AMD! 😁
  3. I agree with the OP. There's so many existing good games that could do with a remastered version. A lot of new games are pretty rubbish; why think of something new when there's ideas sitting there waiting to be used.
  4. It's free on all mobiles, iOS and Android. It's pretty much the exact same thing on mobile and PC, but I guess PC gamers prefer gaming on PC to mobile.
  5. I've gotten bored of games because they are the same thing over and over again, and repetitiveness becomes boring. Most games are like this to be honest, for example: Fall Guys, it's the same concept over and over again.
  6. 15-20 years ago, you wouldn't believe game graphics would be as advanced as they are today, yet here we are. FIFA games are a perfect example to use. This is how the gameplay looked 20 years ago: This is how it looks now: To answer your question, most likely. It will probably be much sooner than 20 years.
  7. I'll definitely keep an eye out for games amongst other things. At the moment there only seems to be Amazon products on sale, but then again Prime Day hasn't even started yet. 😛
  8. I can't remember the exact edition but Smackdown vs RAW was the story of my childhood. It was extremely fun to play with friends and family. Nowadays you're better off buying an UFC game rather than one of the 2k games.
  9. I've not played The Avengers (way too expensive) and the reviews I've seen are mixed. Maybe if the price fell drastically, but I'm not sure it's that good. The hype died very quickly too.
  10. GTA San Andreas, Vice City or even Liberty City remastered would be awesome. Sadly, Rockstar are too lazy, it's going to be another decade before they release another game. I don't blame them, GTA V was a success, and I would live off my successes too.
  11. I wonder if they will stick with the option of 3 characters they introduced in GTA V. In my opinion, it was a cool concept; but do they go back to the 1-character-story? Who knows. I've heard rumours of an international map too, which are probably fake, but if it did happen that would be super cool.
  12. I'm a massive fan of The Walking Dead (TWD) TV series so I bought the first TWD game and it's amazing. I'm going to buy the second game in the series some time this week, hopefully it's as good as the first one. It's also great how cheap they are. Less than £2 for a game is too good to turn down, but in fairness, it is quite short so that makes sense.
  13. Chess completely slipped out of my mind. Chess is definitely up there with my favourites, maybe even my favourite. I love the thinking and competitiveness in chess.
  14. I haven't played the game on PC yet, and it's free on mobile, so mobile all the way! Jokes aside, it isn't very costly on PC so I'm considering buying it. For those of you that have bought it on PC, is it much different to mobile version?
  15. ARx182

    COD Mobile

    COD Mobile is great. I'm really happy they made an official COD on mobile, because it is far better than most if not all shooting games on mobile. Like @skyfire has mentioned, the graphics are also great!
  16. ARx182

    Among us

    I heard a lot about Among Us (on mobile) so I thought I'd try it out. I've not played it a lot yet, but so far it is very fun to play, especially with friends. A fun mobile game after a very long time.
  17. Digital games are attached to your Steam/PS/whatever account once purchased, so the only way you could lose all the games you bought is if you forget your details, which would be your own fault.
  18. ARx182

    First Xbox?

    The first Xbox I had was the Xbox 360. My uncle bought it for me and my brother, and I have great memories of playing on the Xbox 360. Games such as Splinter Cell, PGR4, etc. were so fun to play!
  19. I don't think they ever will. There isn't the hype for hand-held consoles that there once was, thus lower demand. Even Sony don't care about hand-held consoles anymore.
  20. If you're a fan of simplicity you might like it, but what's to like about a box... Very lacklustre effort by Microsoft and whoever was behind designing the Xbox Series X. Series S is just a smaller box, but it has other appeals, lol.
  21. The Xbox Series S is the one that appeals to me personally. $200 cheaper, smaller and more portable. I'll probably get a PS5 digital version and a Xbox Series S a few months later.
  22. ARx182


    I played Xbox, specifically using Xbox Live, a lot as a kid and I don't remember ever being banned either. I know of a friend that was banned, but I'm pretty sure it was unfair. It would be interesting to see the criteria for Xbox Live bans.
  23. I might get my hands on a Xbox Series S, and the game pass is a real factor. It seems pretty average to me. For those of you that are subscribed to the Xbox game pass, is it worth it?
  24. The last Xbox I had was the Xbox 360. I played this particular racing game called Project Gotham Racing 4 a lot. It is/was pretty much like every other racing game but its the game I played the most on my Xbox 360, so I guess that makes it my favourite.
  25. ARx182


    Tetris brings back good memories haha, not that it was a good game but I played it a lot as a kid and just the nostalgia hits me. Would I play it today? No.
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