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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out this November. I have my pre-order set and can't wait to play. Who here is picking it up? Do you think it's going to be 2020's game of the year? I am hopeful it turns out to be an awesome game, with an awesome story and great characters, but I am worried it's going to be over hyped. What do you think? Is it a contender? I suppose we'll find out when it releases.
  2. Yeah I think I'm going to pick it up in a few days here. Been craving it ever since they announced it, so I need to play it. Last time I played a good TH game was probably when Underground 2 came out. I don't think I touched Proving Grounds or any other TH games. And yeah, the THPS5 was a train wreck. I was going to originally get the original remastered THPS1, but never jumped. Good thing I waited on this. 😄
  3. For VR to truly take over, I think it would have to be priced more towards what consoles are going for these days. Isn't PS VR like $400 separate? If they can figure out a way to make a console and a VR headset and charge $400, then we're talking! 🙂
  4. Kane99


    I totally understand that. And you can totally use Tetris for that. It's a great time waster. I have tetris on my phone as a backup for whenever I'm somewhere with minimal internet. This way I have something to do to kill the time. 😄
  5. Yeah, I'm happy they're bringing this out, but the whole March 2021 thing is bugging me. On top of that, these remasters don't change a whole lot it seems, they just made them look prettier, which is fine I suppose. I would love to see a remastered remake of Super Mario 64 in the style of Mario Odyssey or something.
  6. The new generation of gaming is fast approaching. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are expected to drop sometime this holiday season, likely in November. Nintendo is rumored to also be jump into the ring with a possible updated 4K Switch. If each of these consoles come out soon, who do you forsee taking the lead? I can see Sony winning in the start, but once Nintendo jumps in, I think they will end up taking the lead. Don't they currently have the lead with the current switch? Or is it the PS4? Either way, what console do you think takes the lead? What console takes the whole generation though near the end?
  7. So Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 came out a few days back and I've been hearing a lot of good things about it. I hear it's a very respectful remaster of the original 2, with some changes made to both games to modernize it. I guess some portions of 2 and other games show up in both games, which makes the games a big different from the original versions. Anyway, do you guys like the game so far? I'm thinking about picking it up soon, but idk if I want to spend $40 on it.
  8. I've been hearing a lot about the new Avengers game, and how it's essentially a Destiny clone. I've been watching YouTubers discuss how it's just a micro-transaction mess with emotes costing upwards of $10-15. Just everything they're doing, feels like a cash grab. Do you plan to play it? I was very hopeful for this game, but when it turned out to be something like Destiny, I changed my mind. I see no point in buying this game. I might get it on sale years later just to take on the story, but once done, I'm done. I have a feeling this game has very minimal replay value.
  9. This is kind of old news, but I don't see any mention of it here, so I figured I'd make a topic about it. For Mario's 35th anniversary, Nintendo is releasing a special edition Game & Watch that replicates what they used to look like, but has Super Mario Bros, and The Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan). It also comes with a version of a Game & Watch game, but with Mario instead. As well, you can use it as a clock. I guess it has cool animations. I kind of want it just for that purpose. Just look how sexy this thing is: https://gameandwatch.nintendo.com/ It's going to cost ya $49.99 though.
  10. I loved AC2, Brotherhood, Black Flag, Rogue and Syndicate. I stopped after Syndicate. I got Odyssey on sale a while back and have yet to play. As well, had Unity for years now and still haven't played it lol. The series has gotten better from what I see, but I still have fatigue with the series and I feel like they have't changed it enough.
  11. I think it looks promising, but I'm not putting too much into it until I know what the final product will be. The game so far looks pretty dope, but I'll wait on more before I throw my opinion out there.
  12. I thought Sony was just doing a simple "sign up to be notified kind of thing." Or a sign up to be one of the first to get a pre-order. I don't recall seeing anything about them using your PlayStation history to pick people. But I could be wrong. Do you have a source for this information?
  13. Kane99


    I love tetris. It's a classic! I can understand why people get bored of it, but it does get challenging as you keep going. It's one of those games I can play to relax and unwind. If you feel original Tetris is boring, maybe try the more advanced versions of tetris. There was a recent tetris game that came out and it was a lot of fun as it changes a lot to the formula and adds stuff to it. I forgot the title, but it's probably the newest one.
  14. Do you guys know of any good 8bit/16bit games that work on mobile? Specially in the style of platformers and or other popular retro games? I'm just kind of played out of the annoying mobile games made for phones. I want real games to play, nothing that requires micro-transactions to have fun either.
  15. Nintendo may have been one of the first to try VR with their Virtual Boy console that came out in the 90s if I remember correctly. It was a promising little toy, but it wasn't practicle and didn't work all that well. But, couldn't Nintendo revive the Virtual Boy and make a new one that matches the standards of the Oculus Rift or any of the other VR headsets out there? I think it's possible and I would love to see Nintendo revive the brand. What do you think?
  16. Moderator Edit: This topic has been unpinned and will now instead be used to merge older topics discussing mods together. This compiled thread will then be used as a reference for the main Gaming Mod thread found here. When it comes to modding, what kind of mods do you guys like using in most popular games? Maybe it's an online mode to give gamers more freedom. Or maybe it's a mod for a popular game that changes it up a ton, like FiveM for GTA V. Who here likes to use mod for popular games?
  17. I've had it for years myself. Got it at release on the 360 and then got it on PC as well, as I think it was given away for free at one point. We should get a game of L4D2 going one of these days. 🙂
  18. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/mass-effect-trilogy-remaster-scheduled-for-october-release-but-could-slip-journalist-claims/ So this is great news. Looks like we're getting a remastered trilogy set of Mass Effect, with upgraded graphics and everything. Who is picking this one up when it releases?
  19. Have you ever made your own mobile game before? I wanted to in the past, but I didn't want to go through college to learn it. I'm thinking I may take some courses online so that I don't need to go to college forever. Plus, this way I can learn on my own time. Anyway, if you made a mobile game, feel free to share it. I'd love to give some a try.
  20. Lol yeah, it does kind of look like a refrigerator, or a mini fridge lol. I still get a sub-woofer vibe from it. I can understand why people hate it. It doesn't really fit an entertainment center either.
  21. Yeah it is weird, but that's the nature of the world. Zippo probably figured there was a good amount of money to be made and jumped into the mix.
  22. Kane99

    Best ending?

    Hmm, that's a good question. I think The Walking Dead season 1 is one game that comes to mind. Especially the ending. The next couple seasons after it, never really captured that brilliance. I would also add Metal Gear Solid 3 to that list, as well as Mafia II. San Andreas is up there as well, but Red Dead Redemption probably takes the win for me.
  23. Whenever I buy a physical game, I always go for the steelbook version, as I like how they look on a shelf. Do you guys prefer to buy the steelbook version? I feel it makes it worth buying physical more, as it's more collector friendly. Plus, some steelbooks look awesome.
  24. What are some games you remember enjoying as a kid, but are considered bad games? I remember playing Rugrats: Search for Reptar on the PS1 years ago. Being a kid, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but revisiting it in recent years, has shown me that it's a pretty awful game. There are many other games I probably played that would be considered awful. What are some bad games you enjoyed playing as a kid?
  25. The Xbox Series X is a weird little console. It's not like any other console we've seen. It kind of reminds me of these gaming speakers I had when I was a kid, just the sub-woofer part lol. Anyway, do you like the design? I personally don't mind it, I feel like it may help make room for other stuff on my entertainment center. Plus, it seems MS made it this way to make sure it worked as best it could. If you're worried about the size of the Series X, the Series S might be worth it. It's smaller, and will probably fit better on an entertainment center. 🙂
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