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  1. I would like to one day build a gaming PC for older games, like DOS for example. Has anyone here ever done that themselves? I want to build a cheap Windows XP machine and install a bunch of classic PC games on it. I would make a new PC, but I want to make a PC as it was back in the 90s, just to get that nostalgia feeling. What do you guys think? Have you ever built an old PC for gaming? How much did it cost you?
  2. Do you think we'll ever see a new DS/3DS console? Or will the switch be their new handheld from here on out?
  3. I wouldn't say they were singled out. The PS3 had their fair share of problems, but the 360 was on another level. Microsoft took a major hit when this issue came up, as they had to extend warranties for mostly all those consoles, as well, each repair was free if it truly was a RROD issue. I think they ended up extending the warranty by like 1-2 years or so. Which is why I was able to get my console repaired multiple times. I think MS at the time, lost billions of dollars because of it. Current gen and some of the last gen consoles are better made and much more reliable.
  4. Played it a ton back in the day. I wish they still produced games regularly, but it's no longer popular enough. I tried playing a game called Clone Hero for PC, which is a free guitar hero clone, where I guess you can use your own music, or download a pack of free music. Sadly, the difficulty curve is tough, because I was only able to find a few songs under easy and medium. The rest are like meant for pro players or something. It's fun playing GH with friends though. I still have my 360 guitar.
  5. So Apex Legends kind of came out of nowhere a while back, and now days, I don't hear much about it at all. Is there even an esports scene for Apex legends? I remember I'd go days where I hear Apex Legends this, Apex legends that, but it's mostly COD, Fortnite and others taking the top spot. Can Apex Legends make a comeback with the esports side of things?
  6. Great review! ๐Ÿ™‚ I watched a play through of it myself, and I thought the story was decent. Nothing spectacular by any means, but it wasn't as bad as fans were making it out to be. I am not a big fan of Abby though, and the reason why would probably be a big spoiler, so I can't say it here. you guys should add spoiler tags to the forum, so we can talk in more detail about the game/story here.
  7. I have at least one controller per console. I think the most controllers I have for one console, is the Xbox One with like 5 controllers, the N64, I have like 3 controllers. I also have NES, SNES, Sega Saturn, some PC controllers and others possibly.
  8. Does anyone here use a controller add-on for their phones in order to play certain mobile games easier? I know COD mobile, pubg mobile and fortnite mobile could benefit from using a controller add-on. I want to get one for my phone and see if it actually gives me an advantage. Do you guys have any suggestions for controller add-ons?
  9. I would love to try doing some esporting events, but I doubt I have the skill to actually make it through the whole competition. I figure I would maybe get defeated the first round, but who knows, maybe I can actually compete with some of the best. If I were to ever compete, I think I'd play some Modern Warfare. Even though I like to think I'm good, I don't see myself winning any championships. Could you?
  10. I played pretty much every Hitman game aside from the very first one in the series. I've been playing Hitman 2 for a while now and have been having fun with it. Sadly, I wish there was more story to this one, as it feels a bit short in comparison to other Hitman games. I'm probably going to replay it and just mess around and get creative with my kills. Anyway, who here is a fan of the series? What game is your favorite? Blood Money is my favorite to this day.
  11. If you're looking for a good quality controller for the Switch, then look no further. You can get the PowerA Wireless Gamecube controller on sale for just $36.99, which it originally goes for $49.99. Currently the deals are for the purple and silver controllers. You can find the deals below. Purple Gamecube Controller Silver Gamecube Controller Some of the other colors may be on sale as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. That reminds me, I had a couple Sonic figures back then. Almost forgot about them. I think I even had some Sonic shoes back then, and I remember being more into the little patch that came with it lol.
  13. I would have to say the most recent Battlefield games. I liked Battlefield 1, but then Battlefield V came along and things got worse. I would include Fortnite in there, mainly because of the building mechanics. It really gets on my nerves sometimes. You really need to be good at both in order to succeed and I just can't get good enough. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  14. That's a good question. The best gaming deal I remember getting was like 5 or 10 years ago. I went to a garage sale at a family friends house, and got a couple SNES games (The Legend of Zelda: The link to the past) and forgot the rest. Got a couple SNES controllers and a few other games, all for like $10. I probably could have gotten an N64 and a few other NES games, but I didn't jump for it as I didn't have much more cash on me at the time.
  15. I agree. But I have a feeling it's going to do fine. The spider-man thing is a major blow, it makes Sony look childish. Especially considering that Spider-Man has been on an Xbox console, so them pinning him to just the PS4 version, seems pretty lame to me. I don't agree with them adding characters later either. It just shows they care about the money. Why not just have the whole avengers crew?
  16. The last Handheld that Nintendo made, I think was the Nintendo 2DS, but I may be wrong. Either way, we haven't had anything newer than the 3DS. When do you think we'll see the next Nintendo handheld? I suppose you could argue that the switch is their new handheld, but I don't agree with that. I guess the Switch Lite may be their current one, but I still would love to see a new DS console at some point. Do you think that'll happen? Or will it be Switch from here on out?
  17. Article Source: Digital Trends So good news, some games may not cost $70 during the next gen console gen. Take-Two thinks not all games will be priced that, they will go by a title-to-title basis. So yeah, maybe one game will be priced at $70, but their other game could be $60. I call BS on it though. I think once $70 price tags were brought up, more studios will just fall into line with it. Ubisoft says they plan to charge $60 for their games. But who's to say that will last down the line. We could see $70 become the new standard. On top of that, expect them to still throw us micro-transactions and loot crates and all that. What do you think? Will more studios raise their pricing to $70? At least in the US, it will differ all over I imagine.
  18. Have you ever played a game so much, that it eventually broke? I think this has happened for just one game, and it was my first copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The inner portion of the disc started to crack, and eventually it just came apart and was rendered useless. It also didn't help I had the original Xbox, and I moved my console slightly and it created a circular scratch on my disc. So that for sure added to it. But, it still worked until the crack happened. ๐Ÿ˜ž Anyway, what's a game you played so much, you ended up destroying it instead?
  19. Do you guys collect any video game memorabilia? Maybe it's those limited edition sets with a statue, or maybe it's something you got in store. What are some of the gaming memorabilia that you own? I don't own a lot, but I got a SMB3 Poster, Xbox Hat, some figures, amiibos, and some strategy guides. I may have some thing I'm forgetting though. What about you guys?
  20. I've wanted a Dreamcast for years. I remember the feeling I got seeing it in stores, thinking it was so unique and different. Sucks that it didn't do well enough in the States to stick around. Would have liked to see more consoles from Sega.
  21. Oh nothing like account trading/selling. That is against the rules at both sites. The only things you can trade are physical games, or digital codes (not redeemed). Digital codes are sent through email or private messages I imagine, while physical games are sent out through the mail. Some other sites allow you to trade in controllers and other peripherals as well.
  22. Sad thing is, Spider-Man is said to be PlayStation exclusive and won't be on the PC or Xbox One versions. Which kind of sucks because Spider-Man is probably the best of the bunch. Sure I'll take Hawkeye, but I still would like to see Spider-Man on all consoles. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  23. All these free games have to come back and hurt Epic at some point. They can't keep offering free games in the hopes people will jump to their platform. Steam still has more features and a longer history. Plus I heard Epic isn't very trustworthy with their platform as there has been privacy concerns raised before. It's possible it could one day overtake Steam, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.
  24. I thought the trailer was just a cinematic one, but I see now it's like an interactive movie right? Kind of like that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie on Netflix? Nice to see them doing creative things with adult programming like this.
  25. Many times people have speculated that consoles will eventually stop being made, and will just be another PC. Do you ever thing that PlayStation will stop producing consoles? I personally don't think PlayStation will stop. Could they maybe stop at a certain number? I remember back before the PS2 came out, Sony released some commercials for a PlayStation 9. I remember them vividly, and I don't know if anyone else remembers them. It's clear it's meant to be a joke, but it kind of feels like Sony hopes to one day get to a PlayStation 9. Here's the commercial:
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