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  1. You could use a Raspberry pi for this if you only want to play older games.
  2. Metro 2033, just bought the redux on PSN sale
  3. Hellblade is a great game, hav fun with it. Didn't know it was on the switch.
  4. God of war got me back into gaming, I was unable to play games for a couple of years until I played God of war on a new PS4
  5. Definitely not. Usually console generations lasted pretty long, but I feel with the growing interest in gaming they will get even shorter
  6. My favorite 2 games on the PS4 were bloodborne and God of war
  7. For small hyper casual games maybe, but not anything major.
  8. Always a fan of desktops over laptops
  9. Do they have a large variety of games? Or is it kinda dead?
  10. I think it would be pretty difficult, but definitely possible with someone with deep enough pockets (Amazon?)
  11. This was the first console I owned, my mom had to go through the levels in Super mario for me
  12. The difference would highly depend on how close you sit to the screen. Sitting a normal tv lounge distance from a 4k and 8k tv might not really seem much different, but if you were to get closer the pixels per inch would be quite telling
  13. Third person is great for games that focus on exploration. Games like Bloodborne, Witcher, Dark souls, would not do well in first person. Third person in my opinion is a much better way to tell a story.
  14. I used to play the simpler games like Cut the rope, Jetpack joyride, Doodle jump
  15. My biggest would have to be Forsaken with his `Word.exe`
  16. This looks cool! Will it be available for the Java Edition as well?
  17. I was pretty close to skipping this gen, but got a PS4 for Final Fantasy 7 remake, and played a hell of a lot more games on it as well
  18. I remember when Final Fantasy 12 released initially it wasn't doing too hot (Although it is now considered a great game), and I loved it at the time.
  19. Looks like Fifa 15-20. Don't get me wrong, I love FIfa and play it alot, even won myself 2 Fifa tournaments, but damn have they really stopped innovating. I guess there isn't much to innovate, but then they shouldn't keep releasing games instead update the old ones.
  20. Super disappointed about the exclusivity of Spider-man. Would much rather this be a complete exclusive game than giving everyone the game and taking a part out of it
  21. The thing is, if they increase one game and it reaches the same sales numbers as if it were a 60$ game, that would push other developers to do the same. My only hope is that people abstain from buying it and they see that people won't buy games for that price.
  22. 2 Fortnite 2 Furious. Can't believe the pace they update this game at, super crazy!
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