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  1. Chinese noodles and Italian pasta are the same. Put an Italian wrapper on Chinese noodles or vice versa and there would be no difference. Pasta Lo Mein please!
  2. The Hitler Playbook. Learn to be a dictator and genocide populations for dominance. Create chaos. Have strategic real world simulations online. Free to play for all including politicians and military personnel.
  3. "To be or not to be?" I want to be. I don't want not to be. Not to be seems to be a desperate place to be. To be is a better place to be. If we all wanted to be, then the world would be a better place to be. Animals want to be, we want to be, so why not leave them to be in peace? Not to be is not what nature wants us to be. We grow to be strong not to be wanting not to be. To be a part of something and to simply want to be, inspires me to be. To be able to be sympathetic helps me not to be careless why another chooses not to be. To be able to want to be is where the world should strive to be.
  4. 1st thing that comes to my mind is something I remember from the bible that says animals are here to benefit man. To me it sounds like a green light to abuse animals. If humans are more intelligent and have a 'higher consciousness' than other animals, then it is our responsibility to protect their ecosystems, treat them respectfully, and not drive them to extinction or torture them in slaughterhouses as we seem to do. I believe that a person who tries or wants to dominate others to build the likes of what they want, has simply crossed the threshold into an authoritarian view. I would simply ask the little people. Do you want my help? Of course I would prank them all the time. I would stomp around and hawk loogies at them. If I was mad I’d give them a golden shower. But it takes a special kind of nerve to try and dominate them. If I put that ring of power on my finger, will I turn mad? I don’t believe so. I have lost confidence in humanity, but I haven’t lost confidence in my own humanity. So I slip on that ring and try it out. My head is spinning and I am speaking in tongue! Now kneel before your master! I am the almighty! I own you! Ahhahahah! I will gut you all! I will tie all your bowels together and hang you from… Oh no the ring just fell off my bony finger. Ahem!! What just happened?
  5. I think the market really lacks any good space exploration game. Dead Space is good, but it is mostly inside a ship. Mass Effect was just ok for me. Are Star Wars games any good?
  6. I am definitely going to try and complete the story. Been playing it for around a year now. I put it down for a couple months cause it was complicated at first with all the potions and gear wearing down. I didn't care much for Gwent and skipped a lot of that part of the game. But now I just got into it and know how to play. Been going back to places I been to collect the cards. Kind of a brilliant little card game. I don't plan on quitting Witcher 3. I'm at level 19 in the main story line.
  7. Thank you Blackangel! But, the couple weeks I've been here it was you that was impressively active on this board. You've got interesting things to say and your contribution cannot be overlooked. I definitely have to nominate @The Blackangel.
  8. Spent my week transferring games, data, and updating them onto a new ps4 system. Took 2 full days to install AC Odyssey newest update on the new system. The damn ps4 to ps4 transfer wouldn't work; kept saying playstation network was down for maintenance. Bastards!!! Really? Then it rained, kept losing signal. Started smashing the old ps4 on my head! NOT! At least now I'm safe with backups.
  9. I went to Pompeii! They were definitely shorter in 79 than people are today. Stools and bar tops were low to the ground. There was even a preserved brothel with beds that fit 5 ft people. Paintings depicted different positions! No lie. There are also preserved bodies there.
  10. You won the lotto and have your own studio up on the Swiss Alps. What one genre would you be making a game in?
  11. This day in age, use your financial power to support companies with greater moral value. That rules Amazon out for not paying taxes and financially supporting a QANON politician. It's you who decides what companies make it in the future. Choose those with high morality.
  12. No, something was definitely wrong. I switched HDMI cable, plugged into different HDMI on tv. Found one HDMI slot that works. It wasn't picking up tv resolution. I guess it's sort of common I have seen on the web. Now I'm having a problem transferring data. Keeps freezing at a certain point. Might have save all the data manually from an external drive and reinstall each game separately on the new ps4. Bummer. No gaming for a while. Soldier is down! Carry the flag!
  13. My ps4 all of a sudden stopped showing up on my tv screen. I looked up what could be wrong and something about its HDMI not syncing with tv resolution. I unplugged everything for a while, and plugged ps4 HDMI into a different slot. Started working again. It's making me scared. Right now I have a brand new back up ps4 and I'm transferring all my data. Hopefully it works. This ps4 is only 14 months old.
  14. That shouldn't give alcohol a free pass. There are many things once was part of our culture that was acceptable that isn't now. Alcohol is far more addictive, therefore more likely to be abused. I completely disagree there. Both depresses the senses, but with alcohol people are way more likely to get behind the wheel. Alcohol has an 'energized' period. In that period is when a person loses inhibition and more likely to take off somewhere behind the wheel. Marijuana does not have that affect. I highly doubt that marijuana's long term effects are as bad. Have you ever talked to a life long alcoholic? Their lives have been completely ruined in every possible way. They have lost everything from family to friends, to career, and even imprisonment due to the violent affects of alcohol. Marijuana doe NOT have those effects. Obviously anything used as medicine should be regulated. The original post was about if marijuana should be legal or not and others say it's easily abused...and yes that is hypocritical while highly abusive alcohol is legal. And alcohol has health benefits to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure in small amounts. Maybe that should be medically regulated and made illegal for recreational use. So yes, that is hypocritical. First off, I did say marijuana is better than alcohol. But you accused me of not being interested in marijuana being used as medicine. You accuse me of wanting a society with another 'alcohol'. I know alcohol will never be illegal, but with all the negative effects of alcohol, makes it pretty hypocritical to not have a less danger to society such as marijuana to be legal as well. I agree in more potent doses marijuana should be regulated as medicine. But if such a dose for medical properties can be achieved through a couple puffs, then a prescription is not necessary. Because legalizing it only for prescription sounds like a ploy for pharma and the government to bank off of its properties. We don't know the dosage for medical benefits, but if it is attainable through recreational use and not an extract form or injection form, then pharma can fuck off.
  15. For all you that think marijuana should be regulated, how so? You talk as if it can be easily abused more than alcohol. Hypocrites!!! Should alcohol be regulated? That is abused way more and is highly addictive. It is bad for liver, bones, kidneys, can cause cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, other mental issues. It causes violence, reckless driving, and destruction of family and social life. It drains money and ruins you if abused. Yet the only regulation is you must be 21. Marijuana is not nearly as bad. For those that think it's a gateway drug, wrong!!! Alcohol is. A drunk person is more likely to sample other drugs more than a person under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana is a political ploy to mass incarcerate certain demographics, while giving free reign to the demographics of alcohol abusers.
  16. "I can't dance" "I can't sing" "Only thing about me is the way I walk"
  17. A real man has the ability to admit faults and tries to fix them. A real man does not have homophobia. A real man does not think anyone or anything is below him. A real man will always stand up for and protect those that are weaker or oppressed. No matter what. A real man does not brag, show off, or underestimate anyone. A real man never asks anyone to do anything he can do himself.
  18. Well, when your government thrives in chaos, you get chaos. This is nothing new. In this country it is.
  19. That's pretty cool. What's it like having pet rats? I have 25 rabbits!!! I enjoy all of them. One is a a Continental giant. One species is too hard for me to pick. I really like cats, but as far as breed, I prob wouldn't care. Used to have an Akita dog. If I were gonna have dogs for life, I'm thinking Akitas. But then again that would be dangerous to others. So maybe a smaller, friendlier dog I can have run around all the time. Screw it, I'm all in for a pack of wolves.
  20. If I say I am happy today, something bad will happen tomorrow. I haven't reached my potential cause I fell into the trap of alcohol, and everyone demonizes you instead of saying you are sick and need help. Things are ok now. If I say I've made peace with it, something will come back and haunt me tomorrow from the past. Guess that is a loop. I have animals that are fun to hang out with. One day I have a great enjoyable time, next day one dies. Everything has balance. So am I content right now? Yep. Right now I am till I wake up tomorrow and find out what bad thing happened while I slept. Gonna make tea and play Witcher 3 for the night. Tomorrow I'm ready for war again. War of life that is.
  21. And trump appointing that crazy guy in charge of CDC now with russian ties. He claims shadows move around his ceiling, hit squads are after him and load up on ammo against liberals. The guy is now on leave of absence for 60 days from his craziness. Let's see: Presidency is compromised Attorney General is compromised 3rd supreme court appointee (he's gonna choose a crazy QANON) just watch FBI is politically pressured CDC is compromised EPA is compromised Post Office is compromised ICE is compromised Senate is compromised How many governors are compromised? Multiple people from this administration arrested and imprisoned Schools are gonna become Hitler Youth due to 1776 commission as the gateway The sciences are gonna be obliterated except for illegal experimentation as we now see in ICE forced sterilization And I do believe we are Fucked
  22. In today's climate with the fall of democracy and rise of the Nazis, our gaming will definitely change. Trump has attacked China based TikTok, and now attacking Fortnite. Corruption goes hand in hand with dictators, so that means tax dollars will be stolen and placed into hand picked companies just as we have already seen in bailout money. Fly by night cheese cracker companies will get government assistance to out compete the big gaming industry like Sony, Microsoft. It will be Nazi American made instead of Japanese. And since they want to control media, your future Nazi console will have limited variety of games. It will be tailored to suit the government approval of your entertainment. Sony and Microsoft will be forced to comply or get weeded out.
  23. I'm fairly new to Assassins Creed so I didn't play the Ezio sega which everyone loves. Guess I'm the new generation of that franchise so it's tailored to ME and I love it so bug off. They need to keep it coming.
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