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  1. Amazon needs to pay its taxes. I wouldn't buy anything from them till they do.
  2. Should we be cautious buying a game with add on content like Deluxe ed. and have the code already expired when you open brand new sealed game? That happened to me. I bought a brand new sealed game 3 years after release and the expiration date for the deluxe add on code was expired a month before I opened it. And now I would have to spend 10 dollars from the store if I wanted those add ons. I've already spent premium price for the Deluxe version of the game. Is this common?
  3. YES!!! Games are bent on making us collect too much stuff. Sometimes I'll be trucking along and wait, wonder what's over here. Let me go run around in this little freaking spot to see if anything is hidden there. Nope. Here? Nope. Back on the trail; 2 seconds later...over there? Ahh. A freaking penny??? If an alien was watching me play these games they would think humans are retarded. Fallout games and Witcher 3 make me crazy sometimes. Having that 6th sense capability helps in games. If they provide a map of all the collectibles, that can help. That should be an option in your settings; show loot map or no. In Assassins Creed Odyssey, you can really make the game as hard as you want it in settings. You can turn off everything on the map and explore blindly. Maybe games should have more options in the settings menu to have it very difficult if you like or easy showing all the collectible locations. Freedom of preference!!! PS Don't talk about my AC like that!
  4. I'm way in the country, so I use satellite for wifi. It only allows so many gigabytes I can use each month, so I'm limited in gaming. I've never even tried online gaming. At least I can do special events in games. Please stop making online only games!
  5. Bloodborne cause it was too hard. Looks really cool if you dedicate your time to it. It needs more periodic saves. It's out the window for me. Hell Blade cause too many puzzles. I liked the fighting. Until Dawn; after the whole first half of it if you know what I mean without giving spoilers. Monster Hunter World because I just don't feel like learning everything. Those are my most recent I stopped over the last year.
  6. Soon it's the virtual reality systems that's gonna take off. Too expensive right now at $1500 for the best VR system. A bit too interactive for most I guess right now. So I say the best system will go to affordability. If the ps5 starts at 500-600, then I'll check it out 3 years from now.
  7. I've seen youtube videos of these games and some have good reviews, some don't. If you have played these games, any advice? Do you have any ps4 games you are really curious about? Greedfall Watch Dogs 2 Alien Isolation The Outer Worlds Dragon Age Inquisition Ghost of Tsushima looks really good
  8. You could have nostalgia. Just recently I was playing Nintendo games and I loved reliving those memories. I played Gi Joes as a kid and a few years back started collecting them. If it's not nostalgia, then maybe you like the simplicity of older games. Not the simplicity of the game itself, cause many older games are very challenging, but the controls, remembering the fighting moves, not having to worry about how much weight in gear you are carrying, fixing your weapon, always having to choose a skill upgrade etc.I get intimidated by most new games. Getting used to it now, but I get overwhelmed easily when I start a game on the ps4. The whole first chapter is usually learning all the moves and button actions. Pisses me off. I go to sit down to play a different game and think, was it this game I hit the r3 to crouch or was it that other game. Shit, just threw a grenade!
  9. If you take our Neanderthal ancestors and drop them in the middle of a city today, we would look like aliens to them. But, depending on what environment they come from, aliens could be reptilian, giants, 6 legged insectoid mammal, or just a big stomach with ears like a blob. Or a giant bacteria with brain development. I hear an octopus is really smart. They could look like that. Let's just hope we won't be part of their food chain.
  10. I'm currently playing Origins and the deserts are very cool to me. Sand storms come around and you can get lost or have a crazy battle in the middle of one. You hallucinate from the heat and see ghostly images and weird things here and there. Even the character starts swaying like he's gonna pass out. I like riding a carriage through the desert. It's a sense of freedom. And the backdrop is always beautiful as the desert meets a village, water, or canyon. It's a game to immerse yourself in instead of rushing around to do quests. I take my time in the game. This game and Odyssey is like sight seeing at times. That for me is a masterpiece of art. To be able to take me from this so called world and enjoy in a game what I can't afford to do in real life.
  11. Nostalgia got me 3 years ago when I got into gaming. 1st, to answer the question, I say Zelda. I have played it a few times as a kid. But it was only a few times I remember. I was always playing Contra, Super Mario Bs and Gi Joes. I would love to give it a round from scratch, but with today's technology; ummm too many bad ass games today to play. I actually bought an old school nintendo with some games. Then the built in imitation system came out and I got that for $125 I think. But I played Contra and Super Mario and wow. Memories. Off topic now, but I was still feeling nostalgia and got a ps2 and the sega collection game because I played sega next as a kid. Next thing I know I got 75 ps2 games. Then I got the ps3. Then the ps4. And my nostalgia is satisfied because I am making lots of new memories on the ps4. 20 years from now...Kassandra... you, me, and Ikaros with have a good time.
  12. Dying Light. How is that not the best zombie apocalypse game? Plague Tale. Simple and great Ps2 The Suffering. Rare game and creepy
  13. I couldn't get into it. I get overwhelmed easily with all the crafting and fighting sequences you hav to memorize. I play different games off and on, so I hate having to go back and remember everything. I grew up playing Nintendo. You put in the game, and you got button A and B. I did 2 monster hunts and that was enough. I spent more time creating a hot character that I barely even get to enjoy in gameplay.
  14. If I haven't explored a certain part of a map yet and a quest goes way out somewhere, I will skip it till I get around to that area. If time runs out, oh well. If not then I'll get around to it. I don't like jumping around in maps. I like to enjoy all the flavors of exploration instead of rushing around skipping things to get to a quest and neglect the sites. Or if I'm done with a certain area and moving on, then a quest wants me to go back, I'll pass unless it will give me something good. But, I do like quests that will push you forward just enough to open up a portion of a map. For example, when I started playing AC Origins, a quest at the beginning of a city, you hop on a boat and cruise through the canal and see the sites around the city. Things like that I love. If you want me to go to BFE, then FU.
  15. I do agree that the less is shown, the more it is normalized. But if all games were very gory, that would also be normalized. Cutting a head off with blood spraying, would then need to start showing the eyes pop out, bone wiggling, and tongue fly on wall to go deeper into what we would call gory. For entertainment we need dumb shoot em ups so that horror games will stay unique in the horror genre. I wish they would normalize nudity, like all the banging in Witcher 3. Fine ladies in that game. Take a stamina potion and go to the brothel, then I'm ready for adventure again.
  16. Is it worth playing? Have they gotten the bugs out for the ps4 version?
  17. For me it had to be Final Fantasy X. It was my first turn based game. Lots of strategy involved and great story. I was greatly surprised by that game. Other ones are Fatal Frame because you have to capture pictures of ghosts in a haunted house. The Suffering was cool. It was a unique horror game in a prison. Destroy All Humans, because instead of killing aliens, you are the aliens killing humans!!! So glad they remastered it for the ps4. Just came out. Indigo Prophecy and Obscure were unique horror games. For me, by far was FFX. I know it was popular and has been around for ages. That was my first game in that play style so it was way different from any other game I have ever played. Persona 5 compares, but only thing I don't like about it is you have to tally around in shops and crap before you get to the fighting.
  18. My sister recently got a Virtual Reality game system. I tried the roller coaster and it will knock you on your ass if you don't sit down. No lie.
  19. The Walking Dead Complete Series. It helped me see how humanity can devolve at the flip of a dime. The ones you trust can change. And I pay attention to a person's character that may be a threat in an apocalypse or a very poor decision maker that can endanger lives of others. And I know people like that. Scary. I don't have a bug out bag yet, but may need one soon in the good ol USA.
  20. I'll give RDR2 another try. Need to ride around and explore some more. But right now, I'm all in with Assassins Creed. RDR2 takes up 90 gb. So when I start it again I'll have to finish up some other games. I have Resident Evil 7 unopened I plan on playing around Halloween! It better be gory.
  21. Yes, nothing like turning a corner and seeing half a body hanging from the ceiling by chains with intestines hanging out dripping blood you can slip on. Give me all or nothing.
  22. I don't know why, but I can't seem to get into Red Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto. I had the ps2 and played GTA3 a few times and stopped. Got the ps3 and played GTA 4 a few times and stopped. I played Red Dead Redemption, got to the nearest 1st town and stopped. I played RDR Undead Nightmare more than the original. Got the ps4 and played GTA5. I got to where at the beginning they learn to tow a vehicle in a quest. Then I stopped. Played RDR 2 and got to where you make your first camp and hunt the bear. Then I stopped. Something just doesn't draw me in. Wouldn't say I hate it though. I think I hate the fact that they are so popular. Maybe my expectations are too high.
  23. For me I guess it's sensory appeal. In horror, the more the better. Having body parts laying around or torture rooms, mass murder, or scenes of science experiment gone wrong, etc makes it all real and scary. Shoot em up games usually don't have that appeal for me. But if you shoot someone with a shotgun and limbs fly off, blood stains the wall, and the body stays there without disappearing, then that reality appeals to me. Maybe that's why I like games using medieval/ancient weapons more than the age of guns because if you wack at someone with a hatchet, you know it hurts more than an instant bullet. Just about all games are violent. Even cartoonish games like sonic or jak and dexter and even Okami. Only game I can think of without violence is flowers or journey. Violence is embedded in all entertainment unless it's a song of Jesus and bunnies. And if it's not sensory appeal such as being able to see details of one's innards ripped out, then it's large battle simulations. I used to love that in Age of Empires.
  24. You can't attack the press, people of color, and rights as depicted in the game and the rhetoric or conspiracies from this administration and not be a Nazi. The game came out 2017. Almost word for word the fake leaders in 2020 say the same things, not vice versa! Stop defending it. We all know and see what fascism is. The days of denying it are over.
  25. Good question. Thinking about it there are a couple things that turn me off. Characters that look like potato faces or poor detail and little graphics throws me off from getting into the game. Scenes of running around pointlessly shooting and not much scenery turns me away big time. Difficulty turns me away. Ive heard Bloodborne was hard; played it; yes its hard and I stopped. One last thing is watching a clip of a character just walking around looking for stuff. I like to play, not puzzle around, or shoot aimlessly. What draws me in? Graphics, hot female character; I'm extremely tired of playing a male. It's always the same. Every male is always the biggest, baddest, toughest guy on the planet. It's old. Nothing like a strong beautiful female to play where you can switch with cool outfits. Don't need man chest, when you can have lady chest. Metal Gear Solid latest one is an exception. He's got stuff stuck in his head and scarred up.
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