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  1. Each their own, but the game left Japan very envious.
  2. I think and hope this incident brings voice acting issues to light, they should get paid more and also pirates need to be stopped so more money is flowing into the market to pay VAs.
  3. I'm looking forward to it, despite recent issues in the voice acting that was reported yesterday.
  4. To someone there is always a risk that might be normal for others, just how things are in life. Best thing is to find out what triggers it and places warnings or filters to prevent it.
  5. If the last season of Game of Thrones proved anything, if you make things too dark you don't know what's going on. Fine for some games, but most of the time I like to know what I'm doing.
  6. I think video games are a part of our culture/society just like books and other entertainment is, so long as there is humans there will be video games.
  7. It really is a fun idea, I hope a lot of people take part in it. I don't care to carve pumpkins so I'll pass.
  8. I would only buy it to keep it stored and sold off later at a higher price. Otherwise, it's a pretty tacky controller meant to be greasy.
  9. Demon_skeith


    Now that the series has gone back to consoles finally, I need to pick it up again, but I really don't have time to train a thousand pokemon lol.
  10. Seems like most who make movies don't fully understand the IP they are handling, plus why watch when you can just go play the game?
  11. PS5 prices have already gone up in some places though, can't blame them, just a sign of the times.
  12. No doubt, I still see reddit posts of retail employees being hassled about out of stock consoles.
  13. Back on PS2 there was a Nightmare Before Christmas game that was perfect this time of year, also a Muppet monster game on PS1 that was also good.
  14. Red dead from the looks of it, though Zelda OoT had troublesome horse that was always hard to control.
  15. The James Bond movies aren't always the greatest but they usually end up making an awesome video game.
  16. I'm grinding my way through tales of arise in hopefully to pick up bayonetta 3 on its release.
  17. I stick with the single player experience, usually faster and I don't have to deal with lag or trolls.
  18. So Sony is going to up more PS5 shipments next year, sounds like we may finally see them on store shelves.
  19. You can buy it for the Switch as well. Nintendo did swoop in and save the series, why it was only on Wii U originally.
  20. Yeah I'm not giving my phone number to them, I'm sure they will just somehow sell it off to people who want to spam call me.
  21. Aren't there some females on the character list that are lesbians? Honestly who should really care at this point what a character's preference is.
  22. I think Stadia got more support as it does take a lot to get what they wanted done off the ground, google for while there was laying down its own internet lines which I imagined was prepping for Stadia.
  23. I think it was 2005 or somewhere around there, a really junky pc but worked well enough to pull my parents into buying a better one.
  24. I don't think the gamecube sold all that well, so it's not a huge thing to pull off with something as good as the PS5.
  25. Depends on the DM, I'm in a group of five people, we're taking it slow so me and another person can get on board. It's not hard, just tedious at times.
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