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  1. Demon_skeith

    Steam Deck

    It can be, if you got some kind of guide and knowledge of command line. I took a class on it and it does get difficult pretty quickly.
  2. Played it at a friend's house, a fun game but I can't handle the hard levels very well.
  3. Nope! Because I never got one, did want one but they reallllly didn't bring enough games out for it.
  4. I wish it took old discs, got so many PS1 and PS2 games gathering dust. But oh well, as long as we can keep playing PS4 games.
  5. Never knew about the rewards, but I know we got free games, which most months are pretty junky.
  6. My friend got one so I got a little taste of it, enjoyed the DS5 controller and seems like an okay setup on the machine itself. But dang is it a big console.
  7. I will use my or family names, kind of imagine it my family being and acting out the story.
  8. A few RPG games can be like this, knowing what the ultimate end point will be.
  9. I like bowser from mario series, when no one else seems to.
  10. RPG outfits, no reason to get them and yet... I have 😞
  11. Some kind of shooter game, I can really get lost in them.
  12. I might have for FF 7 on PS1, ended up losing that game a lot.
  13. Sometimes I'll mix up the command buttons, if certain actions need to be done between two different buttons.
  14. Final Fantasy usually has some good lines that make me chuckle.
  15. Never used it for gaming, only seems to be used for trouble if it is used.
  16. The kid should get into trouble, but not to the full extent that a normal person should. Common sense should be used in situations like these.
  17. If something is getting too tedious or the boss is a complete pain to even fight. Sometimes a long break is what is needed to get it done.
  18. It's going to be another 2-3 years before I grab myself a PS5, going to wait for the next best model of it.
  19. Depends on the game, some have really compelled me to explore every inch and talk to all NPCs, while others gave me no intrest in it.
  20. I have on a few, recent one being some kind of shooter RPG on the PS3 and Dragon Quest 6 on 3DS, both just lost my intrest greatly.
  21. For the game to actually good and worth the hype. Though that is such a rare thing these days and seems like most games need sometime in the wild to be brought up to useable standards.
  22. Even if you find it (really wish you the best of luck on that), I highly doubt there is anything left of the game to be found.
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