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  1. I'm just going off the fact he doesn't have a decent game to his name and a recent one punch man game has flopped badly.
  2. completely agree, a lot of those cartoons would have made for good games to play.
  3. They would have to omit Super Man from the game, near impossbile to put a invincible person into a game.
  4. God I hope not, its a nice alt but it should not be how we get our games. Hate how everything is digital these days.
  5. Final Fantasy 12 is on my list, it was... just didn't feel like a FF game and just a slow mess of a MMO type like game.
  6. FF 7 on PS1, discs get scratched up so badly or go missing that I had to rebuy it a few times.
  7. Most 3rd party sites aren't safe and should be avoided, its easier to stick to Steam, PSN, ect. About the only place I can recommend to get a good deal on a game is Ebay.
  8. I don't think its connected, its the NFL football after all, tons of those over paid people are sent to the hospital with broken limbs or brain damage, sadly.
  9. Or a game with any lag or drop frame rates, we'll get there one day on the perfect 60 fps gaming.
  10. Short games would be fine, but the few times I've been on a plane I mostly slept through it.
  11. Where is my Venture Bros video game at? Not sure if it go the FPS or platform route, but I think it do well enough.
  12. I don't think they will go anywhere, they are kind of the filler needed while the AAA game makers get their over sized games made and ready to play.
  13. If they release a new Uncharted game series on PS5, its going to look no different from a movie on the seires.
  14. The real dark and horror like games, couldn't get behind them growing up but I seem to be able to play them at least now.
  15. I think it be a good title for the Switch and I do see users of the series on smash bros often. It just depends if Nintendo has a good idea or not.
  16. I use it late at night, so less traffic (should at least!) to lag it. But at times getting on can be a pain.
  17. Lol, a second lawsuit, by the investors no less. This company now has a chance of going under.
  18. I remember one from final fantasy 12 where you had to go like mid game from doing something in order to get a strong weapon, something simliar in Final Fantasy 9 as well. Both started the second you began the game.
  19. I will back anything that bans scalping, it isn't fair. I'm surpised video game makers don't put the screws to Sony and the others to limit scalping either, the more scalpers hang onto excess stock, the less video game software is being bought.
  20. I'll pass on this, got enough going on in my head right now 😛 If it were to happen, I'd say in the next... 50 years?
  21. I think the biggest one of modern times would be Final Fantasy 14, no one ever thought SE would turn the game around and make it a smash hit that it had to stop selling it for a short while.
  22. I don't do many games, as it takes far too much time, but the last one I 100% on would be the Dot Hack//G.U. game collection, before that would be the Sly cooper games.
  23. Not to go the easy route, but if I had a daughter, I'm sure I would name her Zelda.
  24. Every game has its core fan group, however big. Said core group playing only one game, or many in that area and never touching another. I've never touched GTA 5 myself.
  25. I'll troll here or there, maybe spam and do the occasional rage quit, just depends on my mood or if its the last time I'm playing it.
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