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  1. I wonder if some people fought within google to keep it going for so long? I did think it be done a lot sooner.
  2. If they really do force me to use a phone number, I'll drop the series, I won't give it to some random game service.
  3. Gotcha, well I just started playing DnD and it really is a worthwhile game to play and pretty fun if the DM is good.
  4. It does cause headaches for retail employees if there is a massive delay in a game, plus the bad look it gives companies if they promise a date and have to extend that date, Square Enix holds the prize so far for that fail. And there are lots of people who take off of work to enjoy a new game.
  5. SAO = Sword Art Online, is a series where people put a helmet over their heads, lay down in bed and they are fully placed into a game space.
  6. Interesting, I would think hooking up more than one would cause issues.
  7. I would think one of the racing games like Twisted metal, just blowing up random cars.
  8. I think all the trailers so far are work in progress. I'm sure the final release will look good.
  9. If I ever see a site that offers it, I might make something custom, just so I'm not staring at a white plated console.
  10. Unless DnD counts, I never really played any but they do look fun.
  11. Very nice video, I don't know if I had the NES one, but I did have the version for SNES. I also picked up a code breaker for PS2, game genie for PS3 and Save Wizard for PS4. Sadly I don't think we'll see them anymore for current and future consoles.
  12. Demon_skeith

    Xbox Museum

    It's pretty impressive, Sony and Nintendo need to jump on something like this.
  13. I think Ghost of Tsushima is the best game PS4 pushed out, looking forward to see what comes up on PS5.
  14. I do know the frustration, I've worked jobs where people believe I should be able to lift 50 pounds no problem, but it is 😅
  15. Plus it most likely cost them more to get it shipped back then to just write it off.
  16. I'll wait for any future delays on it lol, which is another concept I wish games took, sticking to late announcements, so there are no delays.
  17. It's rare that games don't crash on launch day server wise, I wonder if companies wait to see what kind of load comes in first to get servers ready.
  18. I wonder if Sony thinks we're dumb or they got someone who is really bad at math? Lol.
  19. Nope, but it is on my bucket list of something to do. Maybe I'll be isekai like in Overlord 😛
  20. 15-25 is perfect for me, a little more or less. These 40+ hour games are fine but I'm losing the days I can play that long.
  21. Whenever I get the new Zelda BotW 2 game, I plan on taking a full week off from work to play it.
  22. Isn't the point of this topic for the non-shop menu list buying? 🤔
  23. I would think the Switch be able to run it, but I guess they didn't put any work into getting it working right. Very shameful.
  24. I didn't care for the first one, no plans for the second one. Have to wonder who put the resources forward to DDoS them though.
  25. Been ages since FF 8, but I don't recall able to see items.
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