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  1. Depends on the game, most times I go in for the stealth so I don't have to worry about follow up attacks.
  2. I don't think I've seen any physical PC games in years, I know a local Staples store did but they threw them out years ago.
  3. So this a new game or a collection? I've wanted to play them since watching the anime, but don't have the time 😞
  4. Do guide books count? 😛 Far as I'm aware, is there any games with books on them?
  5. Well they decided aginst shutting down the store, so for now they are listening. Would be nice if there was some alt way, but I don't think they ever allow it.
  6. I realllllllly wish I had breath of the wild back in the day when I had lots of free time but few games to play. The endless exploring would have been perfect.
  7. Never done that by accident, though I have created a pointless second save slot being too much in a rush.
  8. I say anything that requires endless hours of playing to get is the hard one, or at least pointless.
  9. Sadly those issues are affecting all the console controllers, the industry has cut corners on that area it seems.
  10. pretty sure all if not most people did upgrade to PS2, given its massive sales.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFdoV-LkRNA Finished this fun 3DS game tonight, didn't think it be so great, but was so much fun. Specially the last EX stage, it was just a blast. I swear the creators looked at Megaman X's ride armor and then at Kirby and were like, sure why not? I recommend the game and hopefully sees some love on the Switch one day.
  12. I'm sure there is some setting you can turn it off in, just got to hunt for it. Or find a background theme that has no music to it or something soft.
  13. Depends on the game, I go into most feeling good, unless its a punishing game like Dark Souls or Crash Bandicoot.
  14. I can wait a year or two, thanks to my backlog. But if I really really want it, then I buy it.
  15. I would check your PS5 console settings, the game settings and your monitor if it has a gaming mode that might change things.
  16. Not sure if smaller (I do hope so) but I know we will get some kind of upgrade in the future. When they do release the PS5 pro, I'm getting it, scalpers pending >_>
  17. Most game names have become iconic and would be bad to change them. Can't change the GTA name from how you can change the Dragon Quest game series, strange as there isn't many dragons in that game.
  18. I like to replay Mario RPG 7 stars, with my more advance adult RPG skills, I like to think I would play that game a lot better.
  19. I don't know, saw someone post about how much of a classic Mario 64 is and that just makes me feel old in a bad way 😞
  20. I've found it has kept me sane in the darkest of times and allow me to forget things for a few hours at a time.
  21. Either trying to find a glitch or grind ealry on so I can rocket later in the game. Not much beyond that really.
  22. I don't trust any programs, I keep what I need to keep track of either on some paper or on a site only I can access.
  23. Demon_skeith

    Steam Deck

    I think I will get this, when its not so high of price. I like the idea of being able to play simple steam games on the go.
  24. Looks pretty good, I like how they reduced the size a bit from the time I got one of those.
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