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  1. I wouldn't call it a joke, more like a product before its time. Not everyone had the internet to run this service, and it lacked any decent games to pull in those who did have it.
  2. Lol sale, Nintendo rarely does sales. I just don't have the time for big games like this, would have killed to have something like this while growing up though. Plus it gives time for patching.
  3. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/09/23/sly-cooper-celebrates-20-years-today/ Sony somewhat celebrates this great platformer series with some merch. Where is the new game at though?
  4. Anyone here looking forward to the release of Bayonetta 3 at the end of this month?
  5. Xbox version does come with enhancements, so it earns its cost with that.
  6. Seems like down the line they tend to get released onto other systems, MS seems keen on releasing some of their stuff on Nintendo.
  7. Guess all the 3rd party people making games for Stadia found out the same way at the same time, a real dick move by google for sure.
  8. Something along the lines of the SAO anime series, and whatever it is, it ends up being easier on the eyes.
  9. I would sell it off, could easily get a bit more than market value for it right now.
  10. This, you don't realize how deep it is until you start playing other games showing it.
  11. Lots of modern successful FPS games have gotten online support, this is just a 4k upsized game from the N64 days. We can still hope it gets some love down the road though.
  12. Sad to see it go, but many saw it coming from day one of its announcement. At least those who purchased things are getting a refund.
  13. I think the 360 version of perfect dark is to blame for that, I heard online play for that was pretty dead. But if popular enough on Nintendo, I could see MS bringing online play.
  14. Have yet to use it, but the Switch of PC gaming is awesome concept and I hope to be able to get one of the versions one of these days.
  15. I think with the recent hackings, Rockstar is really going to step up more on video take downs on any of their stuff they don't like.
  16. I would say Auron from FF X, not completely silent, but quiet enough for him to count.
  17. I like the name, sounds like it's an alt to the popular G fuel drink that I see a lot of gamers and other workers drink in the morning. I hope sales of the product are going well.
  18. If I understand right, the Xbox won't be the leaked version that came out last year that was a 360 like remake. But I'll jump online with Nintendo and play game classic fps with some old friends, it will be good times all over again.
  19. Surprised Sony allowed that, didn't think they partnered up with 3rd party people.
  20. It wouldn't make sense to do it, but a company would if most of the game along with its source code was leaked as that would be loss of marketing and security for game to not be hacked. I recall half life 2 being scrapped at 80 percent completion due to such a situation.
  21. I mean you wouldn't want them with you when turn to ash, but stuffed into the urn afterwords.
  22. Eh, PS3 seems like ages ago now that PS5 is finally taking over, but we do need to see some love for PS2 one of these days.
  23. Still have their charm, but aged like cheese left out in the sun on a hot day. Though I think I do have a few plug and play games around for the tv that were fun.
  24. PS3 classic wouldn't be cost friendly in any way, plus emulation would surely be a nightmare as well. Hopefully the new online service gives us all the old PS3 games playable.
  25. If you can't get PS5's in stores and you see it for free online, then its on you if you fall for it lol, but I can see anyone wanting to get one for free and be able to brag.
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