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  1. I still have some classic PS2 games used that might net me something but most games I have now I don't think I ever wish to part with.
  2. My blood pressure still has yet to recover from that stage, or the controller I broke 😛
  3. I love gaming, but I don't want to make money from it as it may kill my joy that I get from gaming.
  4. I just sell mine online on Ebay, I usually get a better return for it.
  5. Just depends on the buyer, but I really wish I bought some big title games back in the day unopened and kept them like that, I be sitting on a gold mine if I did 😞
  6. The recent madden game scored big on this and of course the infamous Cyberpunk 2077 release.
  7. Action platformer that gets harder as you go. Rage quit and increased blood pressure is a part of the series.
  8. Super Metroid is still at the top of my list, the recent Dread game is pretty fun as well and then I liked all the handheld ones that came out.
  9. Not my kind of game, but found a good video on it:
  10. Gameplay that is fast and smooth that you don't have to try and readjust to different controllers.
  11. Rayman games are pretty good for this, just getting harder as you go on, also Crash bandicoot 4.
  12. Playing Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire while growing up always made me aware of how much time RPGs can take for any game series.
  13. I know ASUS runs a small phone line, so they would be pretty good, but I wouldn't bother with hard gaming on a phone.
  14. MS is making money to the point Sony had to copy it, I think it's doing well. Wonder how long till Nintendo jumps on it.
  15. Demon_skeith


    I know a few people who were banned and claim innocent, but hard to say what really happened.
  16. Megaman X Collection on Playstation
  17. I never heard of a proper handheld playing all the steam games, so I don't see what they mean for most of those reviews.
  18. Haven't played the latest yet, but Planet robot was really really fun.
  19. I wouldn't bother with ebay, PS5s are starting to come into retail stock, won't be long now until the scalpers are completely out of luck.
  20. Sounds like the VA needs some mental help, I hope she is able to get it once things settle down.
  21. Forgot to mention the Luigi mansion games, though the first one has the most fright in it.
  22. Went from being silent to extremely loud with some great reveals.
  23. I take great care of my stuff, if anything gets close to it, it is still far from doing any harm.
  24. I could barely stomach the anime, hope you can endure the game.
  25. And that's why they are making the series, to reach out to the non-gamers, while gamers rather play it.
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