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  1. I know the Crash Bandicoot games had a funny one, can't recall the name though.
  2. Anyone here use the Save Wizard software on PS4 games? It's like a modern day gameshark/code break for PS4 games, where it modifies offline only save game files. It's nice for RPGs that require a lot of grinding.
  3. Nice! Though I doubt it will be released for PS4, maybe PS5? Depending on what rights Microsoft has to the game.
  4. Still got to pre-order a lottery type setup in hopes of buying one, I really hate this chip shortage.
  5. I think I used it once on a day I was bored, kind of intresting but I don't own a PS4 just to watch games.
  6. Most haven't been open since 2010 but yeah they are in good condition, I take care of my stuff.
  7. The games do load fast and seem to run updates just as fast which is nice.
  8. My last PCs I tossed aside and got a new one, but my custom build I hope to keep using for a long time and fix the parts as needed.
  9. I enjoy outlook and google the most, seem to keep up to date and never fail. Been meaning to check out that protonmail.
  10. Google, only because it shows what I want (and sometimes don't want 😛 ) Though I should get into duckduckgo, and didn't realize Brave had a search engine.
  11. I think it ranks high, but doesn't beat the SNES which still has a great collection of games on.
  12. Lol, those AAA games you listed don't come close to the fun gameplay most first party titles that are released on a Nintendo console have.
  13. I think its because Nintendo is money greedy, seriously, they hardly ever discount their games.
  14. Demon_skeith

    Mario Party

    I enjoyed the first three mario parties on N64, the ones on GC were okay and stopped playing them after that.
  15. Never played it, but seen some gameplay by kaggy. It has some very nice reveal graphics when you get certain characters.
  16. I've seen some gameplay, looks fun but I try not to play these random item giving games.
  17. I'm going to need a new phone here in the next year, I hope these new models review well.
  18. I never owned one (hopefully never will), but I could see storage space and internet connection being the bane of my existance.
  19. I know Gamescom was going to be a half in person event and digital, but recently they said they are going all digital.
  20. I know some friends who have gotten it, seems like a good deal but I don't do much PC gaming.
  21. I have a old PS2 keyring which I've used so much the PS2 tag is long gone but still usable.
  22. I guess end of the games when you are over leveled and no longer have to worry about collecting things?
  23. Are you sure this isn't some hidden attack on crypto currency? Plus, even if banned not like they can stop the parts shipments.
  24. Yep, it's fun and I recommend, just sucks the game still costs as much as it did on launch day.
  25. Would you ever want to see esports displayed at the Olympic games?
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