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  1. Pretty much, a long hard day at work don't leave me much energy for enjoyment.
  2. MS has shown they have no money shortages of late, some extra consoles going out won't break their bank.
  3. Some are pretty simple, others can be a little tricky, like sushi Plate for Switch is pretty complicated.
  4. I always liked the 3D zelda games, it always gave you a full view of the items before buying.
  5. Pretty much anything these days, it looks either so colorful or very life like.
  6. I think it is hard to get certain actions put to video games, even if they have actors dressing up in green suits to capture the motions. Still, better than what was shown in the N64/PS1 days.
  7. For me its the lack of fully sitting down for a while to play a game, I might have anywhere from 30 to 50 mins if even that.
  8. Do you guys use the rest mode on Ps5? Every time I've used it, it has caused my system to crash/restart. But it is possible the system is bad, I would take it back or send to Sony for repair.
  9. For me is to be able to save/stop at any moment, not all games support it, which sucks.
  10. I haven't, but seen some fun ones out there. I know there is a fan made Megaman X game in the works I would love to play.
  11. When the game crashes and you power it back on and start preying the save data is still there.
  12. Sony is their only real competitor. Would be awesome if MS just gave up on Xbox, focused on PC releasing and ported their software to the PlayStation to also be played.
  13. If you need something quick or local its about the best thing you got, otherwise online options are best if you don't mind a bit of a wait.
  14. Looks like current gen is about 2 pounds more than last gen, so its really not that bad.
  15. He says idiots, but I call them heroes, I don't want to be nickle and dime to death over a game. Charge me a one time price and be done with it.
  16. I think its mostly the Skyrim publisher being greedy as hell. I wouldn't pay that much for such an old game to begin with on any system.
  17. Google is a joke to a point there is a site that lists all their failed projects. If it isn't a success out the door, they kill it.
  18. Loved the trilogy on PS1, think I still have them somewhere. I have the remaster game as well, ready to play it once they announce a true spyro 4 game.
  19. Guess it's a good thing for those who have extra support needs, but not right for everyone who needs help.
  20. I think you don't kill anything in Journey as well, and would Tetris count as well?
  21. Titles do make or break a system, as MS finally learned. But the constant connection Stadia required was beyond most people who lived out in the country.
  22. That would be the better system, but it's not like Nintendo ever focused on extreme power.
  23. Congrats! But the system is only 10 pounds, are you sure there isn't anything wrong or added to it? God knows what has happened to a used system.
  24. I don't think anything released on the Switch is worth the $70 tag, if any game needs to be priced, then Nintendo needs to get a new powerful system out first.
  25. I think gamestop is giving away what physical copies of the game if anyone wants to try it for the laughs.
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