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  1. With sweaty palms and increasing heart rate no doubt.
  2. Depends how long/tedious it is. Hate it for fighting games, don't mind it most times for RPGs.
  3. I would say perfect dark, but just started to play it on the xbox service. So.... 10 years since I enjoyed the Megaman X series?
  4. Any cheap mobile games or sports games, just not my thing to spend time on.
  5. When it comes down to the last seconds or something I've failed at many times is so close and I just feel like I am about to screw up again.
  6. I remember back in Twisted metal 2 I blew up the eiffile tower by accident, I just stared at it in shock lol.
  7. I don't think anyone thought they release such a big system to start with 😛 and better not be worse specs, I won't like that at all.
  8. Left with a million dollar exit package most likely. I see the head of HR is following him out as well. Hopefully this goes somewhere and betters the employees.
  9. Looks pretty neat and I do like its style. I might try it if I see it on sale.
  10. I don't hear many bad things about Nintendo or Square Enix, so one of those two but both are Japanese and known for thier tough job rules. So eh? No place easy to work for.
  11. Machine can be fun, but I think magic is a lot more cooler to use. Or be like Final Fantasy 6 and just combine both into one.
  12. Pretty sure the Bayonetta games had a bunch of sounds like these 😛
  13. Pretty much anyone who can't play a game normally, and for sure the eldery is becoming a bigger number of people as we all march towards that problem.
  14. Dot hack had a lot of dungeons you had to crawl through and most ended up being reskinned or slighty changed to the point it felt like you just went through it not long ago.
  15. I think the cyberpunk is the most known one, who knows how many quiet hack stolen codes have happened.
  16. I pay for the yearly PS plus and Nintendo online, I rather not as I don't alwasy play online but nice to have when I do or snag one of their free games.
  17. Kite from Dot Hack games was one, the more good he tried to do, the more damage he ended up doing. It was a very nice twist.
  18. I don't think I've ever gotten a pre-order that was worth it. Though I know the PS4 version of FF 7 remake got a cool game console theme I would have love to have gotten.
  19. Anyone here try out or use Xbox's cloud gaming services? It finally got launch release on other platforms like PC. I've been using it through my PC's edge browser to play some old 360 games I wanted to always play.
  20. I really only hope they don't go bigger, I have no idea where the current PS5 size would go on my tv stand.
  21. I'd say it must have a bid following, since it has gotten a few games and added to Smash bros.
  22. I tried to back in the day with super mario bros, but I was too young to have the skill and now I just find it to be a waste of time.
  23. Other than not able to buy them due to shortages, I've never had an issue getting one when I went to buy one. Hopefully in 2-3 years I can buy a PS5 without problem.
  24. Kingdom Hearts games, dot hack games and the recent skyward sword game to name a few.
  25. I've never cosplayed before myself, though I wouldn't mind if my face was covered, way to shy otherwise 😛
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