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  1. The hob visuals look amazing but solving puzzle games ain't for me. I'd probably download gone home and drawful. The week that had World War Z and Subnautica was probably one of the best weeks so far.
  2. I could never get the movement down showing squares of where to move. I'd prefer to move freely.
  3. It honestly depends on the persons playstyle. Me personally I prefer rushing and getting in action. Although there's very few stealth games I like but rushing shoot first ask questions later does the trick for me.
  4. I never heard of e sports using VRS. Has this just started? I essentially thought VR Was just for the casual player.
  5. That's crazy for a second before I watched the video I also thought he was in there.
  6. Kingdom hearts and devil may cry 5 can't wait to give these games a crack.
  7. True but with proper motivation everyone can rebuild our economy preventing crucial and essential business from shutting down.
  8. For PS3 it is a complete tie between the ratchet and clank series and beyond 2 souls. PS4 is Devil May Cry and Detroit Become Human.
  9. Mega Man I used to play that all the time when I was a kid. I was contemplating getting some of the more recent remastered versions on the PS4.
  10. Not for me no. Most of the time to me the second and third even prequel are better than the original. Except for the OG dead rising with 1 being best and 2 3 and 4 following.
  11. Heavy cursing GTA. Most games don't curse to often even if they are rated M. Just look at COD and see how often that game curses.
  12. Modern Warfare because of the free multiplayer weekend, don't have access to the account that has it on the PS4.
  13. The only sim games I can really tolerate are on roblox. The rest are just pointless to me.
  14. I only buy from the market place from the console. Nothing else unless it's super super cheaper otherwise the same place for me the console market place.
  15. Not necessarily. But with things opening up I don't see why things would be delayed.
  16. They even said they have no plans on slowing down or changing the release date.
  17. Warzone even though it's BS I love it and would prefer it over other BR games.
  18. I never really liked it only because of the mutations. I don't like facing super hero zombies. Regular does the trick and keeps the game smoothe and simple.
  19. Even if this was true you could still communicate on the forums nonetheless.
  20. For me it had to be TROVE. In an effort to platinum the game I spent hundreds of dollare on in game item packs etc. Then they took out CTF and replaced it with bomber royale. Ultimately to this day I never platinumed the game itself.
  21. Heard of lord of the rings games. Just not a card game although it's fairly common to see many games release as card games now a days.
  22. Ah I remember my first time I was like 15 and confused. But it didn't take me long to get the hang of it.
  23. Speed eating food that big? That's a new one.
  24. Why did it take so long for them to fully remaster? it's all just a matter of porting the graphics to PS4/XB1 and or next generation consoles.
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