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Tips for a newbie in ESO?

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Starting as a tank is a bad move, really. Tanks are party animals, and don't do well by themselves, due to their lack of damage output. Not that they die, but they take longer to kill things, which gets tedious. It's better to level as a somewhat more damage-orientated character, and transition to full tankiness later.

Good tip that I can say also, Don't Rush. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

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Echoing @Empire's thoughts there, I started out as a character who would solo quest sword 'n' board.... it's miserable. In a group however the role is very much appreciated as tanking is necessary due to enemy damage, particularly AoE. Last I played the Sorcerer with their summons was the best thing to play, and that was quite consistent with the launch.

Also, don't neglect downtime activities like crafting if you need a break every now and again. You can level up by doing so, and it's effortless. You might even make a bit of money for your low level efforts.

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When starting out in Tamriel, you should make it a point of duty to slot in as many abilities as possible in your action or shortcut bar. 

You have to try everything that you can lay your hands on especially weapons because the more you make use of them, you get to unlock their skill line for future use. 

Always upgrade your bank to fullest. There are so many things you can find in adventure in Tamriel, you have to take advantage of it and stock up your bank. 

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