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Breaking things from rage?

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Luckily I never had any issues with that. But a friend of mine throws around his controller in frustration, and then he's always complaining that his controllers break so fast and he constantly has to buy new ones.

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3 hours ago, DylanC said:

I witnessed a mate of mine throw a Wii remote in a tantrum at the TV over Bowling of all things. Cracked the screen. Luckily it wasn't my TV...

That's why they added that wrist strap, I guess lol

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LOL. I broke my brother's PS2 in like 2002! 😛

It wasn't rage, but it's the only thing I broke.

My parents were out with my brother and his wife when I was like 13 and my sister was like 11 and they left us at my brothers house. So we were playing his Playstation.
During the time they were out my Mum called to check on us. I ran to answer the phone and the controller cord had somehow wrapped around my foot. So, I get up, run to the phone and pull the Playstation off the table, the disc tray broke as it did a face plant.

Wasn't fun.

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