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Do you use a monitor or TV for PC games?

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I got a 3 screen set up, 2 27' 1440p monitors on a corner desk (one G-Sync) and a 42' 4K TV on the adjacent wall.  I use my G-Symc monitor for for both PC and console gaming for the simple reason it's easier and more convieniant to sit at my desk, I only really use the TV if I have company around.


On 8/29/2018 at 4:44 PM, realgamez said:

A monitor as televisions’ are often terrible for playing videos games, this is a variety of reasons, including;

1. TVs’ often apply a lot of processing to the output image, leading to delay in outputting the frame to the screen itself.

2. TV’s often have poor pixel response time, leading to motion “smearing” all over the screen.


While technically true in real world the difference is barley ever noticable.  The only real issue with using a TV as a monitor is that most of them (especically at 4K) tend to be a bit to be big to confortably sit on top of a desk.  Sitting further away using a wireless mouse and keybord  can a real pain in the ass to.  Likewise you don't really want to sit on the other side of the room playing a console game with a 27' screen.


To put it simply, which type of panel is best all depends on the enviorment you are playing in.

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