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What video game character would you be?

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"This topic is inspired by @killamch89 , who asked me, "If you could be any character in Skyrim, who would you be and why?"

Expanding on that, if you had to be any one character in any video game you have played, who would you be and why?

Some possible answers for me:

1-Aerin in Skyrim, so I could have Mjoll as my best friend. Finding a BFF like that in real life isn't easy.

2-Leliana in Dragon Age, because she learned how to become comfortable with who she is after suppressing herself for a long time.


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1. Classic Lara Croft - For obvious reasons, she's always been someone I love playing as.

2. Lilith (Borderlands) - Having the ability to temporarily enter a parallel dimension is pretty sweet.

3. Akuma (Syndicate 2012) - Simply enjoyed her personality and the fact she's dualwielding SMG's in her promotional artwork (which she sadly can never do in the game). Also love her design.

4. Jane Shepard (Mass Effect) - Cause I think she's cooler than John, and Shepard is pretty awesome.

5. Alyx (Half-Life 2) - No big surprise as she is the inspiration for my nickname. Always loved her personality.

6. Elexis Sinclaire (SiN/SiN Episodes) - Sure she's an evil scientist, but man. I'd kill to have that body and have the intelligence to match.

7. Sniper Wolf (Metal Gear Solid) - 1. Cause I tend to play snipers and 2. cause wolves.

8. Krystal (Star Fox Adventures) - Just a shame she's not in most of the game lol

9. Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison (Bombshell/Ion Maiden) - Just love her kickass personality and the fact she has a robot arm.

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This is a tough one but I would go with Solid Snake just because despite having the supposedly "inferior" genetics of Big Boss, he has a lot of heart and determination and he is also a certified badass. I mean who the hell goes to war with a walking nuclear weapon with only a rocket launcher and lives to tell the tale?

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I'd say Sam from the Serious Sam. Assuming I get enough weapons. Then yeah anything and anyone can come and stand in between the road. I think that is something I'd be definitely wanted to be. I am not sure about effectiveness of character as I prefer either brute force character or some pretty effective mage. 

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I' ve never imagined myself being or acting as a vídeo game character (maybe in my dreas, I gues... haha!). This role, I think I just like to play only in the viral field / world. At the end, real life is always better, interesting and more challenging than those that we play on games, haha!  

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