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Best moment in a video game ever?

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Do you have any all-time favorite moments in video games? I actually have to think about this one to come up with my own response. There are a lot of memorable moments in TLOU and Bioshock games, but I’m not sure which are the most standout ones to mention.

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A couple generalized moments. Like beating a game for the first time that you've been struggling to beat for a long time. Also replaying a favorite game that you were sure you knew everything about, only to discover something that advances your character that you never knew about.

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My favorite moments come from multiplayer games where some arrogant opponent declares that I've already lost the game for some reason or another, only for me to turn the game around and make them eat their words.

This has happened to me during StarCraft II once. I described it in another thread, but basically it was Protoss vs. Protoss, and I was a Silver League player defending against a Gold League player who was using some very nasty cheese tactics, trying to get an easy win. What he didn't account for was the fact I had been cheesed one too many times that season and had figured out (on the fly, admittedly) how to defeat the ones he was using. He left without a GG.

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@Executor Akamia @The Blackangel I was expecting responses about specific moments in terms of writing in single player games for some reason, but your responses emphasize an important point. The most memorable moments in games are often the ones we make.

"Also replaying a favorite game that you were sure you knew everything about, only to discover something that advances your character that you never knew about."

Those are always some of my favorite moments! My mind is always blown by just how much there is to discover.

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Here is my list of favorite moments. I apologize for the huge list.
I might be missing a few but these are the ones that first came to my mind.

The fight against Ganondorf and Skull Kid- Zelda Ocarina & Majora mask
The Battle against Stallord and Zant- Zelda Twilight princess
The last 3 bosses Bad Girl, Jeane & Henry-  No More Heroes 
Killing the all of the Colossus , each one was epic an epic boss battle , and the finale was epic I dont want to spoil for anyone who hasnt played it yet - Shadow of the Colossus
The battle of Grovee street 😆 not the actual name of the mission but thats how I call it - GTA San Andreas
Boss fight against Mendez - RE4
Last mission- GTA Vice City
Hydra boss and Ares boss battle  and also the scenes where Ares destroys the city, when you find Kronos and when Ares Stabs you with a boulder- God of War 1
Beating Vergil - DMC 3
Beating the Devil - Guitar Hero 3
Last scenes of Max Payne 2
When Zeus kills you (sort of) the fight against the huge Statue, the fight against the sisters of time, and the last scene where all the Titans climb Olympus -God of War 2
The final scene of John Marston -Read Dead Redemption
Meeting Trevor - GTA V
Most bosses and the fight against the Black Baron - Mad World
Going to Valhalla - Skyrim (there is a lot of other cool quests but I dont want to make the list longer for Skyrim)
When the Arbiter kills the Prophet of Truth -Halo 3
The Fall of Reach - Halo Reach
Killing the huge Worm and Riding the Brumak - Gears of War 2
The Death of Dom - Gears of War 3
The Chernobyl mission -COD4
The last Scene of Joker - Batman Arkaham city
All the fights against Jack Baker and Marguerite Baker (chills) - Resident Evil 7
The Last fight against Baldur and the ending and the secret ending - God of War PS4 

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Specifics, huh? Ok then, here's a few:

Beating the Plutonium Boss - Blaster Master
Finding The First Crown - Legacy Of The Wizard
Discovering Level 8 - The Legend Of Zelda
Beating Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Beating Shadow Link - Zelda 2
Saving Princess Whats-Her-Name from Psy-Crow - Earthworm Jim 2
Beating Even ONE Dungeon - Zelda Goddess Of Wisdom
Beating Tubular - Super Mario World
Collecting At Least One Of Every Item From Every Monster - Castlevania SOTN

That's the best list I can come up with at the moment. I woke up at 4 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm pretty much running on empty right now.

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Portal, wherein you are given a 'companion cube' with hearts on it. You bring it around with you and solve a bunch of puzzles with it, then they make you throw it into a pit of fire.
I also like the moment of revelation in Bioshock when you finally meet Andrew Ryan.
Both demonstrate that your free will and choice as a player are constrained, the only choices you have a player have are to either co-operate with the choices a game gives you or turn it off....
Of course I like the portal moment because it made me laugh hysterically and simultaneously feel loss and sadness over an anthropomorphized inanimate object.

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