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Games with wasted high level abilities

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Does anyone else get annoyed about the fact that by the time you finally are able to get certain high level/late stage abilities in video games, there isn’t much left to do with them?

Like in Skyrim, by the time I can summon a dragon, strike lightning down from the skies, summon dead Nord heroes, and so forth, I’ve completed so many of the exact hard quests I’d normally want to use those abilities for. I just wind up killing Thalmor at the embassy for kicks.

In Bioshock games too, you only get some of the coolest vigors/plasmids fairly close to the end.

What games have you played where you’re frustrated at how little time/opportunity you get to use cool high level abilities?

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FF8. I get on to the 3rd disc, power up my characters, get the last GF's, and that's it. There's not much left to do. The 4th disc is so short and boring, that I don't even bother with it anymore. I know how and where to get the spells and abilities to make my characters virtually invincible. But once that's done, and I have all the GF's and all their abilities learned, there's not a hell of a lot left to do. Collect items to teach different GF's so each character has the same abilities like Recover, Revive, and Treatment. Stock gil, max out their HP so you don't need magic junctioned to it to have it maxed. There are some games that you play so much that you can get to be TOO GOOD at them. That's when you start getting bored with it and burn out.

If you add them all together with old memory cards for PS1, and my PS3's, I probably have 15 different games going because I reach that point.

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Certain megastructures in Stellaris come out too late in most games for them to be particularly useful in a multiplayer run and, to a lesser extent, even a regular single-player run. Particularly, I’m referring to the “Galactic Wonders”, which are megastructures locked behind the ascension perk of the same name. Before 2.3, this was every megastructure in the game that wasn’t Gateways or Habitats – the latter being locked behind the Voidborne ascension perk instead at the time – but from 2.3 onward this is only the Dyson Sphere, Matter Decompressor, and Ring Worlds, with the rest of the megastructures, including Habitats, becoming regular technologies.

Dyson Spheres and Matter Decompressors in particular are huge boons on someone’s economy, providing 4000 Energy Credits and 2000 Minerals per month at completion, respectively, which is useful for industrial purposes such as alloy or consumer good production. A Dyson Sphere alone will provide enough energy that you will find yourself with more income than you’ll know what to do with, and you’ll likely find yourself actively trying to find ways to spend it all, in or out of wartime. The problem is that these things are lategame techs that, when researched, still take a lot of time to build, even with bonuses to megastructure build speed. You’re likely to have defeated the endgame crisis already before you’ve finished any of these.

Now, to be fair, they are actually quite useful in the postgame if you’re someone who likes to play even after the endgame crisis is defeated. After all, you’re likely to want to do such things as kicking over the local Awakened Empires (because most of them are colossal jerks anyway) and there are also various Leviathans floating around that you might be looking to hunt down. But in regular game settings, they aren’t really worth the time investment.

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