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Playing Bioshock 2 right now. So far, it is my least favorite of the three, though I think it is massively underrated. While I have a few complaints about it, there are some things I actually think it has done better than Bioshock 1. I'm already dreading being done with it, but excited to play Minerva's Den.

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Stellaris again

Closing in on the end of that Determined Exterminators co-op run I was playing with my friend. We've utterly annihilated all the Fallen Empires, the endgame crisis, the Marauder Clans, the Caravans, and most of the Leviathans. All that's left are primitives, a brand new empire that used to be primitives, and some Driven Assimilators who seem oddly determined to protect these organics. Since we have a Colossus, we were able to kick those Driven Assimilators over as if they were any regular organic empire via a Colossus casus belli, and once they and the filthy organics hiding in their ring world are gone, the galaxy will truly belong to machines.

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