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Relaxing, low pressure games with focus on exploring and/or building?

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I'm looking for suggestions for low-pressure, predictable games.

My partner likes playing video games, but it takes next to nothing for him to rage quit. And when he rage quits he does it for months at a time, not days.

What annoys him the most are:

  • Puzzles
  • Getting lost
  • Overpowered enemies

Or anything in general that causes a disruption to the expected experience. Like, he usually enjoys Skyrim, but he can get really destabilized if he gets lost in a dungeon or has to solve a puzzle.

Can anyone recommend any games that might suit him? He enjoys exploring and activities that involve building in some fashion (i.e. building and decorating in Skyrim).

I was thinking No Man’s Sky might be a fit, but I haven’t played it. PS3 or PS4 recommendations are preferred, but PC is okay.

@DylanC tagging you because you are a particularly good source of recommendations.

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Something that is relaxing are some of the classics. My top two recommendations are Q*Bert and Galaga. They’re simple games, and extremely relaxing. Also the original Diablo would be another good one. It’s on PS1 and PC. But if you’re wanting something else then try AOE2. Exploration and building are both involved in success. None of the games I’m suggesting are new, but I think they would be a good idea for him. You can also try to get him into one of the older Final Fantasy games. Nothing after FF X2. You know I would personally recommend FF8, but he might enjoy another one more.

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A great example I can think of is the "My Pet Dungeon" mode from Dungeon Keeper 2. At your own pase, without risk of attack, make the perfect dungeon within the games mechanics. No challenge? Wrong. You have to unlock the privileges with some challenges that lock certain privileges behind paywal... wait, no, doing stuff in game . I know that's mad these days.

War of the Overworld, the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, also has this game mode. Buy it. Play it. But also, pay for it. It wouldn't be right if I didn't point out this feature is a paid DLC, but I swear this game is worth it.

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