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Coolest undead enemies in video games?

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It's because of this enemy that I'm probably going to give up trying to escape them and begin a new playthrough when better prepared, but the Skeleton Beast from Dark Souls is one of the coolest monsters I've ever seen. Essentially it's a giant skeleton on all fours that swipes and leaps at the player, which isn't too scary in itself save for the damage it does. It's more that you can't see it until it's too late, even with the lantern that illuminates the unnatural darkness within the cave.

I say "one of", but contendors in addition to the Skeleton Beast include the Bone Tower, the eldritch equivilant of a Pokey; and the Wheel Skeleton, or "zoombies" as I call them for their immense speed shooting out of the darkness.

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The volatiles in Dying Light are nuts! They come out at night and super hard to kill. So either run or hide. And when you run, you can hear them right behind you. I have to give credit to the big zombie hordes in Days Gone. It's scary when they spot you and they all chase you. Your stamina runs low often, so you can't run too long. And you obviously don't want to be on your bike and create noise to draw them. As far as cool looking, the closest it is to looking real is pretty awesome for me. Monsters that look like humans freak me out. RE 7 did a good job. But to have zombies in the most real sense like in hazmat suits, other first responders that didn't make it, in worker uniforms, regular people in zombie form revealing how they may have died in the first place. Ever watch the tv series Z Nation with all those cool types of zombies? That's what I love to see. 

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Some Zelda entries did a really good job with the Stalfos knights. There was a game I played once that, I shit you not, had an undead monkey in it. Kinda like the monkey Jack in Pirates Of The Caribbean. But it wasn't a POTC game. I wish I could remember it.

Also I can't leave the lord of the undead off this list, the Count himself, Dracula. He has style, finesse, class, elegance, and just what a girl needs to fall head over heels.

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