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  1. Probably RuneScape, think one of my account has like over a few hundred hours of gameplay.
  2. I hope so, I remember playing the first one on my GameCube and the second one. Was definitely a cool game with a unique story and concept by far.
  3. I’d say yes, but the GameBoy was really what set the industry in terms of handheld gaming in my opinion.
  4. I think it really depends on if it can get better displays and also better performance. Hard to give it a heavy duty game when they require so much in terms of performance.
  5. Beyond Good and Evil, Gran Turismo, God of War are key ones for me
  6. Wish is sketchy enough, but I remember watching that episode and laughing. Even when they got somewhat scammed with a motherboard or GPU that said it was X but was really Y.
  7. Syntax

    When Your PC Dies

    Most of the time it’s related to the hard drive or power supply going out, very very rarely is it something unique like a CPU, motherboard, etc.
  8. I’m not sure about the latency, but if it works how it’s supposed to, it might be a pretty good option.
  9. I mostly try for new things, since items can go bad over time such as RAM, HDD, etc.
  10. I’ve done this for Minecraft, although I think that really was it since other games tend to need way more modding aspects or have copyright aspects for servers
  11. Kinda makes me want to look at AliExpress now or eBay to see the crazy stuff they try to sell off
  12. I like it was like $9.99 for a starter pack in some game. I can’t even recall it that’s how long ago it was
  13. We’ll see if they make it right or if it gets somewhat stripped down. Hopefully it does make it to the stores.
  14. Didn’t Razor come out with a gaming phone or some other game hardware company and it didn’t do that well? I remember it had two screens too and even the RBG color on the outside.
  15. Syntax

    Among us

    I’ve played it a few times worth co-workers as a group activity event. Totally worth it especially that it’s free on mobile but costs money elsewhere
  16. This right here. Pretty much is the core list that I was going to recommend since I know some of them aren’t worth it due to poor graphics or gamplay (ex; Need for Speed isn’t worth it at all).
  17. I’d be down to play a Wall-E game that started from before humans left until the movie. Or even afterward.
  18. I doubt that there would be another platform developer who would want to make Madden, especially since it would mean a full recode which is a lot of work vs. updating specific elements as EA does every year
  19. Witch gave birth to its card game on multiple devices Dota2 -> League of Legends Command and Conquer -> Starcraft (or possibly the other way around m)
  20. GTA V when I switched from PS3 to PS4, No Man’s Sky since I threw it away before I got a VR headset and rebought after. FFX since I got it on the vita and had to buy a PS4 copy.
  21. Getting a better gaming chair, or using those massaging chairs help out a TON! Otherwise if it’s that bad going to a massage therapy place and getting a massage as it can legit make you feel like a brand new person
  22. PS5 for sure, although I’ve been thinking of getting a switch just for the Pokémon games and specifically the open world one. Not too sure yet though if I wanna grab it or wait longer until the 4K model comes out
  23. No Man’s Sky (unless you have the VR), any Madden game or NBA game, need for speed games for sure.. I think those are the only ones I can list out that I can think of
  24. I feel like DC Universe Online kind of solves for this, if it had better graphics and more things to do. not too sure if they will come out with only a justice league game though
  25. Yes, RuneScape/WoW since I lost interest in it. That or when I would play the idea of grinding was annoying (or I had done mostly all of the grinding so the end game content was meh).
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