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  1. I’ve played Battlefield Betas for years and I think that it can really show the new gameplay options, and it can show the new gameplay graphics on new weapons, character models, or map models.
  2. I’ve bought a PS Vita refurbished and it was in pretty mint condition. I never have got a console though used since I feel like you can’t really see how bad of a shape it was in until you like open it up.
  3. Normally I go for Extreme or Hard, unless I really just want to play the story and then I’ll go on normal mode (i never really go for the easiest mode since that’s gimmicky on gameplay then).
  4. Syntax

    Pet Games

    I remember seeing my sister play the pet game for the DS, the most pet related game I got was really just playing Sims with the pet expansion pack (or zoo tycoon).
  5. I was legit going to say Tidus and Yuna from FFX but you already had that option lmao
  6. Definitely looks really good, although like others have noted I wonder if they will hide things behind paywalls, limited times events IRL, or something else
  7. I loved Twisted Metal. The remaster or remake they did for PS3 SUCKED. I definitely wish they did it right as it would have taken off like no other. wonder if they will ever reuse the IP or not though now
  8. I think I have a few demos from when Burger King was giving them away with kids meals for my PC, and one demo game for a PS1 game. shoot I even have the silly VR demo disc they give you when you buy the headset from Sony
  9. Crash Team is fun for solo playing, but multiplayer wise or with friends it’s for sure Mario Kart just due to everyone knowing what it is.
  10. Kinda wish they did a remaster for the first set of games to play on current or last gen consoles. I mean I remember playing AC 3 on my PS3 but now can’t play it on my PS4.
  11. I normally go for Mage, just because you can summon your own weapons later (swords, battle axes, or even those to fight on your behalf).
  12. I used to have a steering wheel and pedals for a nascar game I played - although I stopped using them a long time ago. thought about buying a joystick to okay Ace Combat in my PS4, but it’s a tad too pricey for just one game that can use it so far as well
  13. I think with all of the different gameplay styles, and the huge variety of games and types, I don’t think anyone can claim a game as being the best for any console or PC
  14. GTA San Andres - although now many games do it so it’s not really a big deal whatsoever
  15. I believe that this year will be less productive and less major games coming out. The reason? A lot of the games in 2020 just needed finalizing or bugs fixed, nothing major. Whereas a game that has had publishers working from home for over a year now has a lot more work.
  16. I don’t see that, although with the fact of COVID and many professionals being forced to play eSport games and that is broadcasted on TV - I’ll be curious if they keep this up after COVID is done or not.
  17. I can see why they say that, but I feel like it’s worth it if they add the realism to the game. Otherwise many just have you push down doors as if they were locked for example.
  18. Doesn’t Destiny have its own language with the hive or that one race on another plant?
  19. That would be pretty cool. Bully was a legit cool game and it’s whole gameplay concept was so different, but would be priceless to walk around on that map and see if everything functions or if it’s just the design aspect that is being ported/modded over
  20. I kinda wish that they made the screen 1080p just to add that extra beauty with some games, but I doubt that they will do this. Also will be curious if they increase the processing power or graphics power more so it looks even better on that 720p screen.
  21. Probably will always be the GameCube due to all of the games I have played on there and also the fact that it was so unique (its size) and had the ability to play even older games on it by default.
  22. I also keep seeing it as a sponsor to many channels - but I feel like a majority of the time a game is heavily sponsored like this is tends to have heavy micro transactions which kinda suck.
  23. I didn’t even know it could support a hard drive..I knew the PS3 supported this aspect. Might have to see if I have a slim or regular size PS2 in my closet somewhere
  24. I think that streaming has a benefit to those who want to see the gameplay, what the game actually looks like, and possibly use as a test/demo if you will. I don’t think it’s the future of gaming, although what they did with the Pokémon game controlled by Twitch chatters was pretty awesome.
  25. Yes, whenever I put a game down for awhile or if I switch around games and then completely forget the gameplay and controls for another.
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