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  1. With what's been going on in the world for a while now and even with food shortage, together with inflation, I'm not sure if we would be having lots of PS5 stock pushed out for immediate sales soon.
  2. I can't find anything online that's Dribblie which is a video game. It was only Double Dribble that I found which I'm sure isn't the same thing.
  3. When you're in love with a game that haven't disappointed you ever since you started playing it, you will always be open to spend on it.
  4. Being a developer and a marketer at the same are two different job functions that's capable of burning you out quickly. Not many people can pull that off.
  5. I don't know much about guitar's and it's very obvious that you are more grounded in it than I am. I was just looking at the appearance of both, so I stand corrected or even educated on this one.
  6. Even if I played the game for 1 year only, I'm not sure if I would get half of those points. These guys have literally given everything to the game.
  7. It was when game developers were being innovative with developing games then but it's not what they do anymore. It's all about copy and paste most of the time now.
  8. You can be rest assured that it's something that's going to wow your mind with the gameplay. I have been playing it for a while now and never got bored of it.
  9. It works more like a temporary fix for the problem because you can't be playing 24/7/365 in order for you to be happy always.
  10. I'm trying to compare the guitar he played with here and they one Joel used in the game. There's a little bit different but they looked almost the same.
  11. Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2 is star studded and it's set up to milk a lot of money through their microtransactions. Would all of them be good enough to spend money on? Only time would tell when I come across all of them.
  12. I was going a little bit higher then for 4 to 5 hours daily and it was affecting me. The good thing was that I realized that sooner and had to cut it down.
  13. I had to look into it further and found out that they used to offer such services to their users but it's no longer allowed because of increasing scam people face in the sales transaction.
  14. If you really want to replay the the game, I'm very sure that it's still available on Microsoft Windows. You should probably check it out.
  15. You can't really call a bad day a special day one wouldn't be able to play any games, otherwise it's one of those days that I find it very difficult to on my console.
  16. He's got an incredible record and he's still pushing to make it to the 100th season. He surely can't stop thinking about the game.
  17. When I looked into the kind of professional jobs a gaming company can offer someone with the skills to work and deliver for them, I found their offer on Sale's representative very interesting with a pay of about $59,594 per year. It's a good figure I can take up easily but I'm kind of good in the sales department.
  18. Soon we would be seeing more of Dr. Strange games and that's if they haven't started butchering it up like they always do. They try in some of their movies but their games, they need better improvement on it.
  19. I wouldn't be bored with the blue color easily. The color looks very rich and deep; that's how I love my colors.
  20. I think that you should just get your 50th league title and call it. You have given everything to the game from that cabinet.
  21. I couldn't find the courage to watch it all. Damn, these guys are putting a lot on the line to drive those fast F1 cars.
  22. I would rate it just 6/10 because of how good they fought in the movie but the whole storyline wasn't interesting to me at all.
  23. Exactly on the marketing part because no matter how good your games are and you fail to market and promote it very well, it wouldn't sell.
  24. You have to teach me how to clean them too 😂..
  25. A lot of people are disturbed mentally and psychologically because no one who's normal would do that kind of thing to both his grandmother and kids at school.
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