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  1. I really don't want to remember how all that went down all over again and what have been done about it? Absolutely nothing!!
  2. That's very correct. I have been affected by how much I used to play but it wasn't that bad for me to seek out a therapist.
  3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake for me today. I have missed the game so much.
  4. I think that all car race sports in real life come with equal amount of risks and accidents. You should see what's going on with every other racing sports and not just F1.
  5. I enjoyed playing Donkey Kong 2 as well. It's also my favorite as well and it's very obvious why it's that way because of how the game was designed and it's characters in the gameplay.
  6. Yeah exactly, I have been using that pattern for their services for years and I haven't been disappointed.
  7. This is very touching listening to. I almost dropped tears.
  8. This is exactly what the game is like. I'm hoping it's something that you would be interested in.
  9. It's just the same thing with posting such selling advertisement on a Discord gaming channel. If the game is worth it, a lot of gamers will be interested in it.
  10. The definition of a video game is fun for me. If it's not fun, it's not something I would be wasting my time on.
  11. The challenge in getting PS5 right now is very frustrating for all of us, I have tried and it's not forthcoming. Even if all that wanted PS5 later got it, it's still going to be a wrong move with ending PS4.
  12. Boblee

    Road 96

    Exactly, I felt the same way too. It was kind of thrilling for me watching that part too. I love gang related plot in games just like in GTA.
  13. I have heard a lot of people talk about Luigi's Mansion 3 but I haven't had the opportunity to do play it. How good is the game?
  14. Good old time when FIFA games used to make a lot of sense. Goalkeepers making good saves unlike what we see now.
  15. We definitely should do that because it would work for us better. I do my best at it always.
  16. That's probably the reason why it never got any vote especially for the fact that it's newest amongst those on the list. There's a chance that most haven't played it.
  17. The reason why they do that with some of their characters is something that I haven't come to understand. It's something that can kill off the interest of gamers.
  18. It's why I try as much as possible to reduce how long I have my eyes fixed on the screen. Also the gaming eye glasses will definitely help out too.
  19. You should just take your time and make the best decision on that, so you be sure to enter into the one's that you're likely to come out on top.
  20. I wouldn't want to suffer the wrath of my mother in such situation. I know very well that how she can react to something like that, so I try to prevent it on time.
  21. Both parties are suffering it and I think that it's the kids that are suffering much because China is making serious money from their industrial sector.
  22. I tried my best to stick with them but I couldn't. For Fallout 76, the bugs/glitches make it impossible to keep on going with it.
  23. They are just occupying space that's supposed to be used for other games that deserve more recognition by the users.
  24. Yeah, some users might have an issue with that upgrade but in the end it's all better with all they were trying to do.
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