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  1. On that note, we have a meeting point on the subject. It's all about how the said gamer in the tournament is good at it and not necessarily being a Pro . It's not all those that are good at their games are considered as a Pro but all Pros are good at their games.
  2. It's why I really felt pissed and attacked by the angle at which they jumped into what goes on with gamers.
  3. $10 for that kind of stress? I'm definitely going to pass on that opportunity. There are far more other good opportunities out that would pay me better for that kind of stress.
  4. Yes, the feeling is so real that you sometimes feel like you're even ready to take up an actual real life managerial job if you can get one. The last one I played was FM 2012. I haven't played any of the recent one's in years. Talking about the game is already making me consider getting back into it.
  5. The stress in doing all that you just narrated is already choking me. I can't subject myself through that kind of stress in this our modern day technology.
  6. With everything that's been happening, we would still have to do what we are supposed to do irrespective of the ongoing inflation until we can't anymore, then we rest!!!
  7. What I love doing so much in playing Football Manager is scouting players, making press conferences and chipping in their names in it and watch them react to it. It's a robust game.
  8. It's been said that Roblox is unsafe for kids under the age of of 12 years. What are your thoughts on that?
  9. Be creative in their gaming or just generally in all their lives engagements?
  10. I've just played one of my favorite stealth horror game called Hello Neighbor which is all about sneaking into your neighbors house.
  11. Entwined is a rhythm game that's been around since 2014 if I remembered correctly. It's not that popular but it's something that still have much value in my eyes.
  12. I have watched this trailer at least three times and it still felt like it was the first time I'm watching it at each session.
  13. That's nice with your trying to get your controllers rhyme with the same color of your room. I'm guessing your console would be black in color?
  14. Exactly and if that keep happening so badly, a lot of gamers would completely pull out of playing online games and that's the end of most online friendships.
  15. I can't wait to hear about your experience with the game when you get to start playing it. You're in for one full package of fun.
  16. Exactly and that is something you learn how to control when you're new to gaming because that's where everyone misses a step and fall into addiction trap.
  17. You should my friends because too much dust and dirt in them wouldn't be good for them and how they function.
  18. Well, that might be the reason for them that's doing it but it's never going to be enough reason for me to take that path with my gameplay.
  19. Since 1882 and the song still feels that way when it's been listened to. I think that old songs seems to be more unique than what we have now in the music world.
  20. Yes, and Rockstar have had a music celebrities in their games before in both GTA: Vice City and GTA 5, so Drake is a good profile to fit into the game.
  21. For $10 million, I would be open to even getting a brain wash or hypnosis or whatever they care to call it and have myself forget that something like video games ever existed.
  22. Exactly. Gaming industry is a booming venture in all seriousness because for years, they have had our loyalty and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon.
  23. One thing that Epic Games is very good at is at milking games. They have been doing it with Fortnite for years now and they seem to have perfected it.
  24. Call of Duty Vanguard is an average game compared to what Activision-Blizzard used to release in the game. The kind of tension their old games used to come with is so unreal.
  25. It's not just on free games but also on paid games too. Spending on them isn't bad if it's worth the money spent and as long as you're not overdoing it.
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