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  1. I'm very sure that the support will have the right answer to the inquiry. Please get in touch with them and update us. Thank you 🤗.
  2. A good friend of mine is still battling her own depression and to make matters more difficult, she doesn't play video games except for board chess. I don't even know how to get her into playing games.
  3. I started playing around November 2017, the same year when the game had its first release.
  4. I used to buy a lot on Fortnite and League of Legends but not anymore like I used to. There are so many things that are taking my money 😩.
  5. I'm not sure if Mario Strikers : Battle League have been released yet on Nintendo Switch. It would be awesome playing the 5 versus 5 soccer sports on the platform.
  6. There was a time when my family was hit so bad financially, it almost broke us. Playing games was the least of my problems them.
  7. Even if I have had that already, adding another $1 million to my balance is something I would love to do as well.
  8. The sooner you get that dealt with the better for your health all round. A man slumped in my neighborhood last week and we later heard he wasn't having enough rest and sleep, so his blood pressure spiked.
  9. When I'm back from where I need to go in a few hours, I may either watch movies or play games. I have Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, I might play it.
  10. That's nice to have your day already planned out and you are already having fun at it. Enjoy your weekend mate.
  11. That's exactly why my father doesn't have any truth with any online transaction. He does not even trust using Amazon services.
  12. I'm not getting my hopes up as long as the game is still associated with EA. They will not change their colors.
  13. That's amazing. I have started playing the game but I'm yet to be completely obsessed with it because I'm still finding it very challenging.
  14. I just completed taking care of my PS4. I'm going do my PC and laptop later in the day when I get back from a little errand I need to attend to.
  15. And more of them are still being released. The only thing that's left now would be to choose the one's that matters most of us and play.
  16. Since you want to start out playing Bayonetta 2, you should start from the first one like NightmareFarm suggested for you.
  17. Haha, that's why we are all looking for money. It's always about using the one we have to make more and the cycle never ends.
  18. Boblee

    Road 96

    I'm sure the game must have it covered. Whenever you start playing it, you should let me know with your progress in it.
  19. Is there any specific date when they are having the tournament to kick off?
  20. He's a legend in the game already as far as I can tell. Such kind of record isn't something you'd get easily without proper commitment to the game.
  21. Life is never always a bed of roses. It's filled with ups and down, so it's very normal for one to experience such from time to time.
  22. A lot of football games fans have the same feeling as you do and that's totally understandable. If I still played FIFA games, I would be as well.
  23. It's sad that some human beings no longer have dignity and character to be true and sincere to their words. It's why some take pride in scamming others in such transactions.
  24. I'm yet to decide on the one's I would be willing to spend money on yet but I'm very sure that I would be spending 😂.. I can't resist it.
  25. They can't even make enough PS5 that's been out for a while which is making a lot gamers not have it yet and they are tired or done with making new PS4 console.
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