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  1. They don't view it as we do and it's why they are comfortable with doing such. Some of them spends over $2000 on games yearly. Isn't that insane?
  2. In Fortnite ranking, Midas is the number skin ranked right now with Peely the second and Drift on 3rd spot.
  3. It makes the game to overheat and that's not entirely good for the console at all because it can damage the disc drive and compromise the cooling fan.
  4. I get that you love playing games as your hobby but addiction is a whole different world you wouldn't like to fall into because it's adverse effects don't leave you easily. So, please don't get addicted.
  5. It does have one but I never thought of getting one till now. I have picked the recommendation of SanDisk made in the comment below. Let me see if it's something that I can get by the end of today.
  6. At last, one of the new members gets nominated. It's a well deserved nomination for @Clasher. You did a good one @Justin11.
  7. If they had that opinion about Metroid Dread, it can only mean one thing in my opinion, and it's that they never played the game to begin with.
  8. There are elements of horror in the game Ghost-wire Tokyo but it's not that too scary like most people put it. You can't compare it with how scary Alien Isolation is.
  9. I help my woman with keep track of her menstruation cycle, so I keep the app for it in my smartphone for her. I know most men wouldn't have a clue to how the calculations is done, so it's a weird one for me.
  10. Exactly, he would have had the game developed and released for himself only to play both of them 😂.
  11. Well, just like I pointed out, if it comes out with something that's going to get me into playing it, I will buy it but if it's more of what I saw in F1 2021, I wouldn't bother about it.
  12. Playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered today. I might try out Darksiders III later in the day.
  13. With the way I'm enjoying Elden Ring, it's the kind of game that I normally replay not so long after having it completed. I don't usually quit easily. I might take some time off and come back better at the game.
  14. I spend more time on Discord than I do with other chat messengers. It's simply because I'm more into gaming and most of my friends use Discord. It's helped with my being in contact with their channel more often.
  15. Thanks for the help with the article, I will have it checked out to get all the details on that subject. I think that your assessment on the reason why Hideo dropped David was harsh and disrespectful just like you put it and it's not like he never did a good job previously.
  16. I haven't logged in my Lords Mobile game account for 4 months now. Let me even see if I can do that now and see which of my friends checked in on me.
  17. No gamer ever feels comfortable playing with a faulty console or PC controller. It ruins your gaming flat and out.
  18. The problem would be having the time to play on both platforms always in order for you to be used to them. Playing on consoles alone for me have been time consuming.
  19. My brother struggled so much with playing Ghosts 'n Goblins. It was the very reason why I never bothered with playing the game.
  20. Yeah, that's very correct but after how many of being a major disaster. I know they have learnt their lessons for their future game's development and releases.
  21. I used to do that when I was still playing FIFA games. It was very fun getting to play competitive matches with all of my friends and siblings that came back for Xmas.
  22. Some people are heavy gamers and that's clearly what you had to find out her. I admire her commitment to games and wish I would get to that level one day.
  23. Today is my off day at work, so I'm going to have a good long nap. Whenever I get to sleep to my fill, I would play for the rest of the day.
  24. You have a good point mentioned here. It would even save you the stress of getting games that wouldn't even appeal to your partner.
  25. You're right the graphics upgrade in their games. It's the only thing that I have seen that they pay more attention to over the years.
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