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  1. They are just trying to get all their fans to move up into playing on PS5 but I'm there would be some gamers that's going to still be attached to PS4. I hope Sony don't pull the plug on PS4 games.
  2. It's very sad what's been going on in our world today with all the White Supremacy BS. I feel bad for the one's that's been so unfortunate to lose their lives as a result of this and not just what's been happening online.
  3. Capcom never ceases to disappoint in that part. The fans are actually well hooked on the game. I'd say that the game is worth everything that they have been doing with it in terms of gameplay.
  4. I have already got for myself one of their Mythic weapon in the E11 Blaster Rifle and it's one good piece of gun that I love so much.
  5. For the fact that you still admitted in the end that Resident Evil 6 was garbage is good enough for me not to stress on it any more.
  6. When you're not a boss of your own and even if you are but with lots of projects to take care of on daily basis, you wouldn't have much time to spend on games.
  7. If it's free and fun, it's worth the play but if it's free and crap without being fun, I would gladly pass it up.
  8. Fallout 76 and Red Dead Online are two notable online games that I have dropped playing as a result of the same issues.
  9. If you looked at the video caption, you should see it clearly enough that the game is available on PS4. It's also available on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows too.
  10. It wouldn't be nice putting your health at risk in such conditions especially when it's your eyes that's the problem. You don't mess with your eyes, otherwise you're ready to go through the pains of eye problems.
  11. I actually thought that I was the only one who always felt the same way when it comes my gaming sound/audio. It's either I play with headset or I don't play at all.
  12. Exactly, it wouldn't be like I'm testing new waters like it would be if I decide to go for the recent one's.
  13. I have only seen something like that done in science fiction movies which the last one I watch which such happened was The Eternals. Only if that's possible, I'd be interested in it.
  14. It's the patient gamers who are not always in a rush to start playing a new game that gets the better of the game price. For example, remember when COD Vanguard was released and how much it was sold for $90 but now it's around $50 or even lesser.
  15. For you and your roommate to have the same game purchased at the same time means that it was a hot prospect game at the time and it's probably why it was easy for you to sell it quickly.
  16. I got into playing Paladins recently which is a free good hero shooter game. I'm trying to resist the urge to buy into the game's microtransactions which it's very tempting.
  17. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was banned in China, I never believed that was going to happen. Although there was an issue of gamers posting anti government messages in-game.
  18. If they have the new versions of the game like what's obtained in FIFA, I wouldn't be interested in it at all because I had to quit playing FIFA games because of that. The older version of 2012 I played gave me everything I wanted. If I'm getting back into the game, I will still start from 2012 again.
  19. My Nintendo Switch makes it very easy for me to get into gaming in such situations. It's a handheld device that gives me so much joy. I enjoy playing Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild always on it.
  20. I enjoyed playing Donkey Kong than Contra Super. The latter is a very good game as well but I enjoyed playing Donkey Kong. What's your favorite Donkey Kong game?
  21. I played microsoft flight simulator 2020 at my friend's place yesterday and it was an amazing experience. I would be getting the game for myself very soon.
  22. Sometimes, I don't use the same company always so they don't get too familiar with me and take advantage of situations. The one's that I have using have been good with cleaning my gaming set.
  23. Journey to the Savage Planet
  24. I can never consider that as a professional job for a game developer. Even if it's something that I enjoy doing, the pay is very discouraging to take the job.
  25. That's all you need to go any further in any of the tournaments. Once you have the skill set to compete, you will do alright in any one you joined.
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