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  1. I saw a lot of what Call of Duty Vanguard came with especially in regards to WW2 actions in the trailer. It looks interesting.
  2. You should try and be getting enough sleep mate. Not sleeping well will be detrimental to your health. The games can wait and nothing is going to happen.
  3. If you are a big fan of strategy games, there are some that I found for as cheap as $7 I think. I can recommend them for you to check out. Just tell me what you think.
  4. I played it but didn't like it that much. It was very good for what was released at the time compared to other racing games of its time of release.
  5. It's not a bad choice either. You will enjoy it.
  6. @Heatmanshared a video of how it's done in one post. If I come across it again, I will tag you to it or I may try getting the video myself.
  7. I would like to nominate @Crazycrab I love reading his posts so much 😊.
  8. My favorite of his story would be At the Mountains of Madness and The Lurking Fear.
  9. I have mastered using Bluestack software to play the game on my PC and it's been so cool. I have been missing a lot by not playing it on PC long before now.
  10. That's exactly why I'm not that bothered about the release of F1 2022 because they would most likely not be innovative with what they are going to design in the game.
  11. I never fancied the first release of Gran Turismo that much. I know they it laid the foundation of all we have in the game today which is something to be proud of.
  12. Pictures can be very deceiving. It can either make one look younger than their age or older than they are.
  13. My sister lost her job to the pandemic of coronavirus. It took her a while to get another job and all the time she was at home, it was games that helped her to cope with the little craft work she do on her own.
  14. You're right on point about how Sony can get with their promotion of a game they are banking on to sell well. It's the same thing BNE Entertainment did with Elden Ring which put it on the lips of every gamer till it was released.
  15. If the Red Dead Redemption 3 isn't going to be an open world game, I'm sure if it's something that would interest me to play.
  16. Taking it to the religious side, well if the Angels were made perfect, what happened with Lucifer and his rebellion in heaven? I don't think that anything or anyone is perfect in life.
  17. Well, it's why I so much love it that there are so many alternatives to choose from, so it's not like there isn't any other good ones to use and hold myself till another good one is released.
  18. Doing the latter in your suggestion is always the best way to go about getting games. It's all about being patient enough with the game for it to go down in price. Once you can be able to resist the temptation, you can get it for cheaper price.
  19. Boblee

    Road 96

    I don't think it can be categorized as a racing game. It's more of an adventure game than a racing one even though you get to drive around in the game.
  20. She's my niece and If I don't do it for her, I'm sure if I would be proud of myself whenever I see her. So, it was something that was worth doing and I'm glad to have it checked out.
  21. If the developers can take a look at how things were sorted out for Cyberpunk 2077 in order to know if there's something they can be able to get from it and work on the game. It may give a good insight to what they need to do.
  22. Oh, I misread that thinking that you had already made your decision. Since that's the case, you already have my recommendation as it's what I wouldn't think twice about playing because it came with an interesting gameplay.
  23. It's what he loves to play and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even if he talks about it always, I'd still respect that because we all love what we do. It's just the same thing with your loving Motor GP.
  24. Even though I have other racing games to play with games like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo, I still find a way to give playing Burnout 3 some of my time too.
  25. She loves it more than I expected her to. It was as if she have longed for something like that for a while. She never let go of it. I had to take it from her bed when she slept off.
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