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  1. When it comes to being very creepy, it's highlighted well at it and I'm not going to further the talks on it since it's not something you want to relive.
  2. They sure did came up with a better marketing strategy to dominate and it seems like they hit a job with it so far.
  3. The first 3 of them that are on my mind to get and play are Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7, and God of War Ragnarok.
  4. Seriously, that would be a complete waste of time and resources making side quests that are bound to be removed by the gamers.
  5. I have had my fair share of trailers that were misleading when it comes to exactly what happened in the game which now makes me to be very careful.
  6. I would have pre ordered Elden Ring but for some reasons I decided not to do so. It's already very close to its release and I would know for sure if the wait was worth it.
  7. Personally, I don't even have the excess money to waste on the game headset when I don't really have that much need for using them always.
  8. Yeah, the streamer played well. Although, there was a time when he almost missed his timing but he hung on for a redo and got it right.
  9. This is actually why I really love getting into playing open world games because most of the time, their location is something that's perfectly made and you can explore more.
  10. Seriously, it doesn't take that much of a work to do that - processing games in your subconscious before executing your strategy. I do not know why it's difficult for some?
  11. IGN have their review of the game on the game L.A. Noire and it's one incredibly done review that shows a lot of insight into the game.
  12. Yeah, it looked like something that's related to Minecraft because of the chores it sets up the gamers who plays it.
  13. So, @The Blackangelwas right about none of the guys on WatchMojo not really knowing or played the game to have reviewed it.
  14. One thing I know very well that very common with gamers is that there will always be someone out there that's going to find such a game very interesting to play.
  15. There is almost nothing in this world that's going to make me smoke even ordinary cigarette unless I'm being held at gun point and it's the only thing that can save me.
  16. These are some of the exciting New Dinosaur games that's supposed to come out last year 2021. I'm sure how of them that came out eventually.
  17. With the way the gameplay was created and even the characters as well as the graphics, the game was set apart for greatness.
  18. I have friend in UK 🇬🇧 who was depressed as a result of that incident for more than 4 months before he got over it. That dying seconds goals was a major heartbreak.
  19. Wow, you're finally back my friend. It's been a while. I have been looking for your comments and updates. I hope you are doing well?
  20. IGN is definitely very good when it comes to updating on games. Even their YouTube channel is well updated with games news.
  21. Yeah, it was easy for him based on how he complained bitterly on needing to learn that. I'm glad he pulled it off.
  22. Yeah, I recounted that very well and it even took you a while to learn it and not just like a quick tutorial lesson and you catch up immediately like it's not challenging.
  23. There is a friend of mine who prefers to play his own selected tracks in his songs playlist when playing video games and not listen to the game's soundtrack.
  24. The game's soundtrack does its own job that can't be aimed at making it seem to be more important than the game that I'm actually playing. I can easily get the game's soundtrack used in the game off the game and play it.
  25. The truth of the matter is that I never really clicked with playing the game, so I had like zero contributions to make in the community. What's the essence of being there?
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