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  1. You could have reached out to the admin @DCto explain the situation and maybe he would have it fixed. You never can tell what he might do.
  2. Personally, I still don't understand what happened to him and why he woke up just one day and disappeared till date.
  3. I just read in another thread about how Motor GP 15 happened to be your favorite amongst them all. I think that Motor GP 2020 looks great as well.
  4. Yeah, it's something that I have done already and started enjoying the game more than I ever did when I started out playing.
  5. There are so many of their reviews that are great just like what you get on WatchMojo as well. Here is their review on FIFA 22. What do you think about it?
  6. I actually had to go look up the launch trailer of the game and it sure looks lit 🔥 from what I watched there.
  7. Why did you single out only Manchester United players in this case? It's like you have something against the club? Anyways, it seems like you're a Messi fan?
  8. Although, there are some scenes in video games that really gets one very sad. Scenes like what happened in Spec Ops : The Line and also the death of Joel in The Last of Us II.
  9. Yeah, that's one thing about gaming companies that don't like to rush their games. They are never in the habit of releasing every year on the same game like FIFA does.
  10. The death of Joel in The Last of Us II is quite a very sad moment for me too. I did got too emotional at that point.
  11. Seriously, there is no way any real gamer wouldn't feel jealous about that kind of game's collection because it's incredible.
  12. Yeah, that's for sure because the previous GTA series were all made well right until GTA trilogy which was a complete screw up.
  13. I think that a lot of game's testers would definitely feel indifferent when it comes to how games affect or influence them now. They may hardly feel anything.
  14. Yeah, that's for sure when it comes to deciding on the game you buy based on just the trailer. It's really a bad decision.
  15. Here is the video of Frankenstein's Mustang from Death Race. It really looked very cool with all the explanations.
  16. There is no way you wouldn't love the reviews on IGN. The rate at which they go with their reviewing of games is exceptionally high.
  17. If you play to win easily, it's definitely going to make the game not really matter that much to you because it's way too easy to play. Personally, I love being challenged.
  18. I think that it's not going to get to that level of completely recreating already made game. There might be tweaks on how to redesign the location.
  19. You have my word on this, that's I'm never going to do anything to trigger your phobia and I'm sorry for the haha 😂 reaction to the comment.
  20. You have got my word and backing on this, that I'm going to do my very best not to walk the path where it's going to trigger your phobia.
  21. Jorginho was only good at scoring penalties and that's it in my eyes. He never played anything exceptional for him to be on that list.
  22. Some people are really very good at gifting others things. I do that once in a while whenever I'm in a good position to do so.
  23. I think that most gamers are more into the game's soundtrack than other source of music. While the little few don't care about any of them.
  24. I have been inspired to write a movie once when I was still a teenager which was based off playing Contra. I think I still have the manual script if I look for it very well.
  25. As much as I'm waiting for the release of Elden Ring with much anticipation, I'm also looking forward to having Gran Turismo 7 out.
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