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  1. I really have a very strong feeling that he's most likely going to be choosing Xbox over Playstation. I would, if I had those information presented to me.
  2. There are so many of them but I'm just going to mention just few of them. For example, Donkey Kong Classics, Contra, Mario Bros, Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 7, The Punisher.
  3. Just look at what happened to Activision-Blizzard after their last mess up, they were never going to recover from that but all thanks to Microsoft for bailing them out.
  4. Yes, it's 4 but more like a two horse race between us 😉.
  5. I believe that God of War series got better over the years with its release. It's why I'm really all pumped with the next release of Ragnarok.
  6. Well, if you are looking at the gaming platform that came out first amongst his list, it's definitely SEGA console. It depends on the Sega he started out playing with.
  7. Have you played all the God of War series till the last one while waiting for the God of War Ragnarok that's coming out this year?
  8. I highly doubt that FIFA 22 would be his favorite game or even anyone's favorite game because there is nothing unique in the game but graphics.
  9. There is a possibility that they have their spies on all gaming forums because they know very well it's a good place to get gamers feedbacks on their games.
  10. Well, I believe that they have two shots at redeeming their glory with GTA 4 remastered and their upcoming GTA 6.
  11. I didn't get to talk with him that much but only when I needed my payment to be processed. I didn't have the time to bond with him at all.
  12. I saw a video on YouTube where a guy who actually owns the Frankenstein's Mustang from Death Race car in real life. Let me look for the video again.
  13. When it comes to guns, I'm a classic. All these sophisticated guns we have now don't really captivate me at all. It's why I really loved Karabiner 98k.
  14. The truth of the matter is that I don't really think that there is anything anyone would be able to do in such situation as he bans you off immediately. Unless the platform can be hacked.
  15. There was definitely a very good reason why the game wasn't released last year because if it was, it's definitely going to be like Cyberpunk 2077.
  16. Seriously, there are some games that you can't have it any other way but play it at its sweet pace and not over rush it at all.
  17. I'm actually currently looking for an all old classic video game reviews YouTube channel. Like a channel that deals on old classic games reviews alone!!
  18. Just like how I felt when I played The Last of Us II. The way it thrilled on me, there was no way I was going to give up on it easily!!
  19. I have been playing on my Playstation 4 since 2015 till date. I can't really remember the exact month I had it purchased.
  20. You read about how FromSoftware Inc was being criticized by Mistborn Author for George RR Martin Elden Ring Collaboration? What's your take on that?
  21. Haha, that's quite hilarious...gamer front log 😂. This is my first time of ever hearing about that and not to think about it at all.
  22. I just came up on this article on Game Rant about a fan remake of Resident Evil : Code Veronica which is to be released this year. What's your thoughts on that? https://gamerant.com/capcom-inspiration-fan-made-resident-evil-remake-third-person-pov-rpd-scenario/
  23. Not at all my friend. I understand phobia and how it gets. I actually have mine as well and it's height. I dread it like hell.
  24. If I really do have any plans on making any games, Indie developers are definitely going to be my first resort to as long as I can afford to get them.
  25. Yeah, drug addiction is definitely the worst of them all because it can get you killed if you happen to overdose on it.
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