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  1. At times when you love something so much when you started it new, the excitement alone won't let you judge all those things till it gets too much, then you will wake up.
  2. I'm hoping that I would be able to get my own PS5 before the year runs out once it's available. There are so many exclusive games on the console I can't wait to play.
  3. Most kids have nothing much to do with their time than play video games whenever they can. It's why most get addicted too young.
  4. I'm very sure that there are some gamers here that have more than that number of games purchased.
  5. There is nothing wrong that but they have to come out fully and let gamers know that it's a paid game before they start playing. At least, they would be aware of what they are getting into in my opinion.
  6. Some gamers really spend that much on games every year. You're right about it not making any sense but that's just how we see it. Most gamers never wait till they complete their games before buying another.
  7. Never write off any participant in any tournament, they will come out to surprise you.
  8. That's nice. I love Dark Soul's franchise too with Dark Soul's 3 as my favorite. The same thing can be said about Bloodborne for me too.
  9. You're saying that a gamer isn't a pro can't take part in tournaments or that he can't win such tournaments? Which one is it?
  10. A friend of mine have promised to purchase F1 2022 for me when it's out but I'm thinking about having him get another game for me instead of F1 2022.
  11. I always feel sad for his poor dogs. There was a time when I almost had him reported and I'm still thinking about doing it when next he does that if I can record him.
  12. Learning a new thing isn't a boring activity for me, it's something that puts me on my toes always and I always love the challenge it comes with.
  13. It's even the first release of Red Dead Redemption that I have been thinking about giving some playing time. I can't remember the last time I played it.
  14. I'm looking into that already but so far there's no breakthrough yet but I'm not giving up yet.
  15. Mario Kart 8 is among my top 10 best video games on Nintendo Switch. Do you play The Witcher series?
  16. He just being stingy to himself because there is no way you would want to enjoy your video games without playing with internet connection especially if you enjoy online games.
  17. The only color that I would substitute black for would be red colored console controller and I actually have 2 of them 😊.
  18. Exactly, it's just like they are doing in the news. The disastrous event gets more publicity than the good one's. If it's a bad thing, they would stress it over and over again but if it's the good part, just once and they will leave it alone.
  19. One thing that I love about some of these tournaments is that it's not a winner takes all prizes. If you ranked well in the chart, you will still win some money. On topic, as for giving up my favorite game for 1 million, it still means that I would still have more games to play since it's not about quitting games permanently.
  20. I was already informed about that I'm very happy to hear about it. The game have been long enough to get a remake.
  21. Age can also play a very big role in this one as well. My old uncle of 67 years would never stand to play games. His waist wouldn't let him do it.
  22. It's why I don't joke with Angry Joe reviews. If there's any kind of bugs/glitches in games he reviews, he's going to call it as he sees it. It's up to gamers to decide on looking over it and still get the game.
  23. That's absolutely correct because what applies to John would not be the same thing with Mark. We all work with a different mindset and perspective.
  24. This is why I always look for reviews on games before buying them. If there are such kind of bugs in it, I would know and stay away from it.
  25. I had the opportunity of playing this game some years back but I never took when I visited a friend. I have played a lot of puzzle games lately and I think that it's time for me give this one a go.
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