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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in How do you feel when your team loses it's best player during a tournament decider or penultimate time of the season?   
    Let's see what happens, I know Barcelona is in real transformation. They just want to replace those leg legs with fresh and talented players that are eager to bring the club back to its glory days. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Define your epic moment in sports   
    Iniesta's goal against Chelsea in 2009, remains one of the epic goal in the history of UEFA champions league. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Do you think VAR is helping to correct the mistakes of referees in matches?   
    Yes, their is conspiracy here, that's what they were doing until sir Alex Ferguson retired. Now, they aren't in that position to manipulate the outcome of matches. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in Why do female athletes earn so low compared to what the male athletes earn on a weekly basis?   
    I'm not going to mince my words, what you just posted is not just obviously wrong, it's disgusting.
    @Crazycrab clearly put up a lot of evidence to your contrary about the quality of the woman's game and left your argument so utterly destroyed there is no point in me taking that any further, so what I'll do instead in explain why there is such a big wage gap between men and woman in professional football, because it's actually very simple.
    Football for men has been a professional sport for around 150 years. In that time, it has grown, developed, gained in popularity, gained investment and a following to become an industry in of itself worth $billions. The men in the sport are paid far too much and that's a product, or perhaps a mishandling, of the time the men's game has had to grow. It had all that traction without rival, and not to mention many decades to grow into the, frankly, lucrative world it is today. The woman's game, by contrast, has not only been a professional sport for a mere 30 years or so and has thusly not had the time to grow into lucrative world the men's game is. It's also got that men's game as a commercial rival, creating a challenge to get this off the ground that men's game didn't even have to contend with. The woman's game quite simply has not had that chance to become what the men's game is. It's only been in the last few years I've seen the woman's game get at least some sort of push by mainstream media at all.
    That little insight was my favour to you, and that's all you get from me as I'm not interested in spending my time on here debating with a sexist little twirp. I know you posted again as I was typing this, but I don't care. Got help you when the day comes you actually have to deal with woman in the real world.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Do you think VAR is helping to correct the mistakes of referees in matches?   
    Very funny indeed, Alex Ferguson always do that. I used to wonder if he wants to cut the referees ear, when whispering to them. That's just his tricks to decisive the referees to do his wish and overturn the scoreline in their favour. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Football transfer talk summer 2022   
    You're welcome @Yaramaki, the sports section has been my most preferred niche here on VGR. 
    Back on topic: 
    Here is my take on player transfers this summer, here are the best deals so far for me, it doesn't matter if they're gotten for free or not. What I see in them is potential to succeed in their current team. 
    - R. Lewandowski - FC Bayern Munichen - FC Barcelona '€50m including add-ons. That's the best transfer for the season, who came in the back of having 50 goal haul last season, claiming the European golden shoe once again. 
     - Darwin Nunez, Benfica FC - Liverpool FC '£64m. Nunez is seen by many as a potential red's legend, be has the potential to seize his opportunity so great in the premier league this season. Let's see how it goes for Darwin Nunez when the season gets underway. 
    - Erling Haaland, from Borusia Dortmund to Manchester city - '£51m. 
    Erling Haaland's father played for city who bears the name 'Alfie Haaland, and was a star back then, when his son 'Erling, used to be a fan boy for the club. Now, the son is a player, this time, I believe he'll perform incredibly more than what his father achieved with the club. He got the potential of becoming a premier league top goal scorer if he puts on the show during his stay at Dortmund, and hopefully become a city legend if he plays for good number of years and keeping his current standards or doing better. 
    Other notable transfer options I truly admired are; 
    - Raheem sterling, from Manchester city - Chelsea '£47.5. 
    - Gabriel Jesus, from Manchester city - to Arsenal - £45m. He has plenty goals already in their ongoing pre-season tour. 
    - Raphinha - Leeds united to FC Barcelona - '£49m. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in Football transfer talk summer 2022   
    I always enjoy this part of the year, transfer rumours, clubs spending money like there is no tommorow to upgrade their squad. So why not open a thread for this transfer window, what are some done transfer you are exited about and what are some interesting ones, which ones are bound to flop.
    This year it's unusual how many players left on a free transfer, let's see the most interesting ones 
    Axel Witsel -> From Dortmund one a free to Atletico Madrid (my favourite team in spain)
    Divock Origi -> Ac Milan on a free transfer from Liverpool
    Paul Pogba -> Back to juventus
    i know @Justin11 and @Heatman love to talk about football, so i'll start chiping in more often from now in the sports section on the board.
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    Justin11 reacted to Empire in What's the favorite aircrafts you fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator?   
    Bugs are a thing, as long as they are doing update patches I can't say that they are bad or good. 
    It's like microsoft flight simulator, so far I spent over $200 on Aircrafts LOL not the sim itself.
    Fenix A320 = £50 PMDG 737 = £55 B146 = £48 aerosoft twin otter = £35 The Junker = £15 Spitfire = £38
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in Games where empathy isn’t always easy   
    That's the horrifying scene of the use of white phosphorus to kills innocent women and children in the game. If that doesn't invoke empathy in anyone, I wouldn't know what else would. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Lamarr the strelok in In every room of your house   
    I forgot my AC .It's gonna be super hot tomorrow and I feel for anyone without AC.Even with a fan high heat is miserable.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Lamarr the strelok in In every room of your house   
    I lack having air condition in my room, that's one thing I want to add, since I feel hot at times due to harsh weather condition here in my locality. The ceiling fan makes hell of noise, I don't fancy it anymore 😂. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in What are you listening to right now?   
    WizKid is one of Africa's - Nigerian best when it comes to the music industry. Between him and Burna Boy, who do you love his songs more? 
    I'm watching Last Last by Burna Boy now. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Heatman in What are you listening to right now?   
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    Justin11 reacted to killamch89 in Which of the big teams in Europe top five leagues whose transfer business in the past decade have been at worst?   
    Trust me, he's the most entertaining thing about watching Man United. He even headbutted Ronaldo and caught Pogba in the face with his foot.
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    Justin11 reacted to killamch89 in Play vs watch   
    My preferred foot is left also but I usually play on the right wing as I do like to cut in and shoot. The best thing about it is that I can cross, pass, shoot and dribble with my right foot almost as well as with my left so it makes me very unpredictable. I can play every attacking position, in central midfield and even as a wingback because I have huge amounts of stamina and love bombing up and down the flank.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Who is your favourite sports player in history?   
    Ronaldinho Gaúcho is one of my favorite footballers in history. I love his amazing football skills, especially with his dribbling skill, I wish to adapt some of his dribbling skill add to my own little skill to grow as a player, lol. 
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    Justin11 reacted to killamch89 in Define your epic moment in sports   
    Another one is Benzema winner vs PSG
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    Justin11 reacted to killamch89 in Erik Ten Hag says, super star forward 'Ronaldo is not for sale, he is in our plans   
    His agent Mendes is also running his mouth in the media and Ronaldo has nothing to make him keep quiet so that indicates he must approve of his agent's actions. At the current moment, Ronaldo is more of a distraction than a worthy addition to the team.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Erik Ten Hag says, super star forward 'Ronaldo is not for sale, he is in our plans   
    What you said is right, when a player is feeling unsettled, the door should be shown to the player. It is not right to keep an unsettled player in the midst of the team. I know, Ronaldo never said publicly about his intention to seek new adventure in order to secure a champions league football. But the signs are there, be wants champions league football, be isn't finished yet, that's what he feels, he can give something better to the team he joins. He isn't bigger than man united, let's see what the future holds for Ronaldo. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Kane99 in Is VR something humans will ever totally be comfortable functioning in?   
    I think VR will be used for a lot more than just personal use. Think about the other applications. Maybe it can recreate a drivers test, or teach you how to fly a plane without having to use an actual plane. I can see that saving money for people who want to learn something, but can't use the actual device to learn it. 
    And I can see VR being used in classroom settings more often. Especially to take tests and go to class. 
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    Justin11 reacted to The Blackangel in Avalanche Takes The Cup   
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    Justin11 reacted to killamch89 in Avalanche Takes The Cup   
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in Do you think the money involved in soccer is driving the real entertainment away?   
    Yeah, the Barcelona - PSG Neymar transfer deal was the last nail in the coffin for beginning of absurd transfer prices for players. Neymar was never worth that amount of €222 million. Barcelona just quoted that amount thinking that PSG would walk away from the deal but to their greatest surprise, PSG sent the complete payment at once in a cheque. I saw a copy of the payment cheque back then if it was the original thing anyways.
    It's not even just how much they buy these players but also the insane contract that they sign with the players. Look at a younger player like Kylian Mbappe in his last ditch contract signing for PSG, the club had to throw in everything including giving him power to completely manage his image rights where he's supposed to earn €50 million per annum and in addition to his bonuses which is €180 million for staying in PSG. It's only Messi contract at Barcelona where he earned €75 million per annum that topples what Mbappe earns currently. 
    PSG have the team that's capable of winning every tournament in the year but it's almost impossible to manage them. I'm not sure if there's any manager that's going to be able to get them in line. Unai Emery failed, Thomas Tuchel failed, Mauricio Pochettino failed and more are still most likely going to face the same fate or tough challenges. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in Were you influenced to love the game or it is something natural?   
    I guess it's something natural when you're kid you're bound to get a ball of some sort and since football is the most populair sport every kid pretty much plays it. So you have pretty much no other choice then to join in. Over here you get gym class from the age 4 i think, so naturally you'll get introduced into different kinds of sports early on.
    I've always loved baseball as a kid but it's not a sport that get's practiced a lot here, same with hockey we got to play that a couple of times in elemantory school but back then it wasen't populair and it's only in the past few years it's become more and more populair. Other things i've always enjoyed as a kid was dodge ball which i was pretty good at and volleyball same thing i was pretty good at it well much better then football. Skateboarding was also my jam when i got a bit older eventough i was probably the best skater from my group of friends since i was the only one who could do a kickflip and heelflip but for some skateboarding was more about hanging out rather then skating, but i gave up on it when i started working and everybody i knew quited anyway. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Crazycrab in Define your saddest moment watching your favorite sports game?   
    The 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola is arguably the most infamous race weekend in the of history F1, perhaps Motorsport in general.  Fatal crashes were of course nothing new in F1, for a long time they were actually fairly common.  I think what made Imola 94 so infamous was a combination of the high profile of the one of the driver's involved and the fact that there had not been a fatal incident in years.  You could even argue it become so "safe" that they were borderline complacent.
    First, Rubens Barrichello was injured in a high speed crash in the first practice session.  Senna himself being one the ones that rushed to the medical center, making it there before even Barrichello's team principal Eddie Jordan.
    The next day the real tragedies began.  During Qualifying Roland Ratzenberger, a driver for the new Simtek team in only his Third F1 Grand Prix Weekend lost his front wing and crashed into the barrier after going down the streight just before Villeneuve Corner at nearly 200 Mph.  He died from his injuries becoming the first driver to killed in an F1 session since Riccardo Paletti at the 1892 Canadian Grand Prix.
    Despite the whole event looking increasingly cursed the race weekend continued:
    There more issues pretty much from the moment the lights went out.  First JJ Lehto from P5 stalled his Benetton on the grid and ended up getting rear ended by Pedro Lamy's Lotus.  Both driver's were fine but debris from the crash flew into the grandstands injuring 9 spectators.  This brought out the safety car for 5 laps.
    Then on lap 7 at Tamburello, the unthinkable happens:
    There is a bit of dispute about what exactly happened and I will discuss both but first I'll go over the details that are not under dispute.  Ayrton Senna driving for Williams qualified on pole, after the earlier incidents he continued round the track until lap 7 on the exit of Tamburello Corner where he crashed into the barrier.  A piece of the suspension assembly punctured his chassis and hit his helmet rendering him unconscious.  Marshalls rushed to the scene followed shortly by the medical car and it's doctor, the late Professor Sid Watkins but there was little they could do.  Senna was air lifted to hospital but pronounced dead several hours later.
    At the time Tamburello was a very fast but pretty straight forward corner.  It's not the sort of place you would expect even an amateur driver, let alone a 3 time world champion considered one the most talented to ever it to make a mistake.  It had to be some other external factor(s), and this is where the contention comes in.  It was discovered that the steering column in the Williams had snapped.  In the official report it is claimed that this broke at the impact with the wall and the cause of the crash was the floor bouncing into kerb on the inside of the corner causing the car to launch forward uncontrollably into the wall.  However, others have always insisted the steering column broke before impact, was the root cause of the crash and Williams covered it up.  I'll let you judge for yourselves:
    Even after this Imola 94 wasn't quite done being Imola 94.  The race restarted then ten laps before the end Michele Alboreto's Minardi lost a wheel in the pits which rolled down injuring 4 mechanics.  A fitting end to a fucking perfect day...
    RIP Roland Ratzenberger
    RIP Ayrton Senna
    Well if you made it through all that thank you very much for reading.
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