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In every room of your house

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What item do you have in every room of your house?

Here are some initial thoughts -

  • Outlet
  • Door
  • Some kind of natural light
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An art work or painting

Every other details like windows , doors , light bulbs, candlesticks preferably in glass containers, trash cans are regular stuffs.


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I stay in a single room as a bachelor, so everything I need is in the room. In my parents house, then I can say that the door and light is everywhere. I wouldn't say for any other thing since I don't stay with them regularly. 

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36 minutes ago, kingpotato said:


-single socks without their matching pair

-weird face shaped cracks on the wall or roof 

-water guns filled with holywater because of the ghosts. +10 accuracy and +15 holy damage.

If this post was any less weirder I would have doubted if it was really @kingpotato who made this comment.

Another funny but bizzare comments coming from you man.😅

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35 minutes ago, Lamarr the strelok said:



guitar amps

guitar stompboxes


Lol, you're just having the cruise, you play your guitar and you smoke in the process, you're catching a good vibe 😂

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I lack having air condition in my room, that's one thing I want to add, since I feel hot at times due to harsh weather condition here in my locality. The ceiling fan makes hell of noise, I don't fancy it anymore 😂

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