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  1. There will be an ejectable tray somewhere on the device, just eject it, put the micro sd card properly in the tray and place it back into the device and you will be ready to go! The instructions will also be in the manual for further details. The Sandisk micro SD card I was referring to was the ultra not the extreme - you can also go for the Samsung micro SD cards as well which are a lot cheaper with identical capabilities and performance - Samsung Micro SD Card. No problem mate and I happy to help.
  2. It also depends on the context of the game, like if they are trying to depict a terrifying atmosphere in-game with a lot of detail and add such things, I wouldn't have a problem because I know it comes with the territory. It's when stuff like racism is being used for no other reason than to push an agenda, that's when I have a problem.
  3. There are some villains that have always had an urge to create destruction and chaos just for the heck of it while there are some that were created by the same system that was supposed to nurture them and turn them into functional individuals that could contribute positively to their society.
  4. That sounds pretty dope but aren't you the person they hire when people suspect their fiance is cheating? lol
  5. That is dangerous! So what kind of gear do you wear when working?
  6. With the Nintendo Switch out, that's probably not going to happen again lol. It'll now be between Sony and Nintendo and Nintendo are wrecking Sony - for once.
  7. I could add 90's rock as well...
  8. killamch89


    I knew about the ship being built. Hopefully, it is iceberg-proof this time lol.
  9. Actually, it is a lot more fun than console gaming because most PC games can be modded by PC users enhancing the entertainment factor of said game while the console variants cannot.
  10. If I thought it was worth it, the price wouldn't bother me that much.
  11. I do wash my own clothes but it doesn't mean I like it lol.
  12. You call it fascinating, I am completely bamboozled as to why they would choose to live in their own delusions than face the truth.
  13. lol, we can't be stopped.
  14. You mean normalcy had returned lol. The PS2 dominated the Xbox but the PS3 was a major slip-up for Sony.
  15. Consoles are usually at or around the budget gaming desktop level which after a year it falls way behind budget desktops come out around that time with better hardware.
  16. Yes Mont, some of them do resort to that tactic just for bragging rights to say they are the best and for their Youtube channel to gain more popularity.
  17. I can't stand washing my own clothes but doing dishes isn't much of an issue to me.
  18. I clean my motorcycle once every two weeks especially when I am going out of town to a bike meet.
  19. No, I do not have any Season tickets at all.
  20. Yes, The human race is its own worst enemy. I mean, let's use the instance - a nuclear bomb - quite a few countries around the world has thousands of them. In addition to their natural destructive force, they also tend to pollute the said area with radiation for decades, making that particular area uninhabitable for humans and wildlife. It's not like we are constantly being invaded by aliens and they could be somewhat useful in turning the tide of a battle against them. Instead, they are made to protect countries from each other... the worst part about it is the nuclear bombs of today are exponentially more powerful than the ones used on the Japanese. If just a couple of those were to go off, it may very well end life on this planet in an instant.
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