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  1. Actually it's 1,200 for single males/females and 3k for couples. Sounds good but in reality it might pay a bill or 2 and a few groceries considering shopping can get quite expensive.
  2. I don't exactly know the name of the game. But it was a game where sonic was riding like a hoverboard and racing other different characters. Even though I wasn't the best at it, I loved that game.
  3. Out of all the Saints row games that one in my opinion is the best.
  4. Fortnite, I never really liked it because of the aspect of build and fight whenever I see someone they'd cower and build there way out of a fight. Or when last time I played a pro builder literally trapped me in a box and killed me. I'm not much of a fan of battle royale in general but warzone I actually like.
  5. That does sound like a good idea. However I feel like there won't be much of a key difference, maybe 1 or 2 more teraflops not to even match the new xbox.
  6. Actually sounds like an anime. More or less kind of reminds me of inuyuasha.
  7. It just seems like the trendy games on everything now is simulators.
  8. What platform is that on? I never heard of that game before.
  9. It was a very huge disappointment I was expecting it to be on par with the series x at most. But who knows leaks suggest there will be 2 versions of the PS5 at launch.
  10. COD Warzone it's not bad infact in a sense it's like H1Z1 or PUBG in first person. I'm not a fan of battle royales in general but that one I actually like.
  11. Only time I listen to music while I play is if it's a multiplayer game like COD.
  12. I honestly never really considered myself to be good at PVP games but PVE story mode is my bread and butter. Platinuming games.
  13. Sounds do-able and interesting, will definately be checking it out once it releases, if it's anything like the actual game.
  14. How I feel is if it's good it's good regardless if it's violent or not, has to have a compelling story.
  15. A lot of both it has to be not boring and still have a story to tell when I play it.
  16. The Division 2 I'm currently on the road to my 99th platinum.
  17. Shooters / FPS for me I like to constantly move around and shoot.
  18. Honestly since it's better than what I have now I'd take the deal and then re-invest 50% of the cash. Games are just games they don't move you forward in life we play them for sheer entertainment purposes only.
  19. Fighting games. Or just fighting games that require you to use combos like Mortal Kombat.
  20. I usually download free dynamic themes. Right now I have the free Last of Us 2 dynamic theme and it's amazing but my favorite is the Call of duty modern warfare going dark dynamic theme. Call of duty modern warfare going dark dynamic theme. And the Call of duty ww2 dynamic theme.
  21. Have no idea. It's possible that it will, then again it's possible it won't just because of this virus that's going on.
  22. That would be very hard considering how there's literally only 3 top console manufacturers on the market. Excluding the off brand rip off consoles.
  23. I really only use walkthroughs for trophies mainly. Unless I'm really stuck but 98% of the time I'm really stuck and look up a guide it was either right infront of me, near me, or really just simple.
  24. True but for me mostly tekken would be the one.
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