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The True Doom Experience? Whats that about?

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So I started playing Doom (2016) and before I started it I investigated a little bit about the difficulty on the internet, and I came across a couple of comments about the "True Doom Experience" which basically can only be obtain if you play on a level above Hard. With many saying that if you play the game in normal or easy then you are not getting the true experience of playing a Doom game as it was made. Honestly that sounds like a lot of bull, but then again I had never actually played a full Doom game before. 

Does anybody know or heard about this true Doom experience before? Is it really just some dumb fan idea about the franchise? 

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9 hours ago, kingpotato said:

Is it really just some dumb fan idea about the franchise? 

I always take whatever Gamers™ say is the "true" anything with a pinch of salt (read: utter contempt). I've seen too many people with unwashed arses and ill-fitting clothes tell me what is true or not, and quite frankly I don't care for being told what "true gamers" do. My ideal experience is playing on Easy, mowing through the ranks of the unholy as a supersoldier. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

Having said that, I don't begrudge anyone for playing on Hard mode and above: it's supposed to be set in Hell after all, and what better way to experience that than to use the zippy movement and bunnyhopping to evade overwhelming firepower? It's a shame too many people however begrudge me for liking the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum.

The 'true' experience is what you like. Whether others agree, including the developers, is another matter entirely.

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I can't remember exactly anymore but i think it was a slogan that was used in an add for a certain doom game who's name eludes me, I'd say final doom or doom 3 as far as my memory serves me right but it's vague, pretty sure it stated for the true doom experience you need to play on ultra violence diffculty in offcourse the over the top discription of the add to sell the game.


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I played DOOM eternal for most part of 2020 and I would categorically state that the levels in the game only affect your game play depending on how good you are at the game.

If you are just getting into the game the much easier levels would still give you as much satisfaction with just enough violence.

Just as for any other game as you get better at the game there is always this desire to play on much difficult levels and the higher you go the more the game play becomes intense to match your skill.

Every other factors is just hype to make the game sell more and faster.

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I want to say The Ultimate Doom, since that was the first one I played all the way through, but technically, it was Doom 2016. When I was younger my dad got Doom 2016 and was a huge Doom buff, so he wanted me to give it a try (not sure what he was thinking). I played through the opening section of the game, and was subsequently scarred for life by the satanic imagery, dismembered corpses, and copious amounts of blood. My dad realized his error after I threw up upon ripping the heart out of the gore nest in the first arena.

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