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Share a game reference you think no one here will recognize.

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2 minutes ago, Empire said:

Sacrifice. You go around collecting souls and summoning the weirdest monsters. I had a blast playing that while it lasted 😛 I say most games that we all know about we all know about right 😛

You already gave  us the name of the Game, we wanted a reference so we could have an headache trying to know which game the reference was made.

But anyways thanks for making our work a lot more easier. Lol

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On 7/26/2022 at 8:27 PM, killamch89 said:

"Arrogance, daring to go beyond the limits imposed upon us, that is exactly what makes us human beings."

How come this sounds so familiar but I can't seem to get my mind on the particular video game.

Would that be from - the last of us?

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