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25 Points for New Threads

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Hi All,

For a limited time, effective today through 11pm EST on 3/31, all new threads created in the Video Games and General Gaming forum will pay out 25 Points. This is a 5x increase from the standard 5 Points for new thread creation.

You can use the Points to participate in Bid for Rewards where you can participate to win free video games and cash.

The current auctions list is:

Lightning Auction No. 3 - Bid for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice [Any Platform]

Lightning Auction No. 4 - Bid for The Division 2 [PC]

Auction No. 4 - Bid for Steam/PSN/XB1 Gift Card - $25

More cash and video game auctions will be coming VERY soon, so take advantage of this limited time offer to maximize your VGR Points. Of course,  I'll be monitoring all new threads - no spam, low effort, or off-topic threads will be permitted.


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