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Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair. I was honestly expecting Playtonic to screw up their own take on Donkey Kong Country but it seems they've done well to bank on the mechanics and nostalgia of that game, as well as take ideas from Rayman Legends' rhythm and Super Mario World's challenges. I also think it's some of Grant Kirkhope and David Wise's finest music (I'd hazard a guess it's also due to the other talented musicians who collaborated on the work).

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Played allot of CSGO when not streaming. It relaxes me and able to get action shooting done since most games that I do are slow and simulator-based. But most of the week did flight sims with MSFS2020 and P3D V5. Maybe get to do fire-fighter sim in this week. Anyone else has that game? 



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