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Last game I played was Harvest Land on my phone for a little while earlier. I find it's been nice to sit and just spend a small amount of time on a mobile game a few times a day to clear my head a little and be able to focus better on things. 

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Played like 5 minutes of Hi-Fi Rush, might give it a try again soon. Also played the original Doom on Gamepass on PC, and downloaded some of the other Doom games. I also played Road 96 for a bit, and that was interesting. Might revist it soon here. 

I also tried that As Dusk Falls, but couldn't get into it, but I was also in discord voice so I couldn't pay attention to anything going on. 

Started playing Madden NFL 23 as well. Game plays a bit better than the last year one, but it's about the same thing. 

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