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Did a Game Ever Change Your Life?

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Have you ever played a game that changed your life in a dramatic fashion, whether directly or indirectly?

I can say that a couple of video games changed my life permanently. The first was Myst, which changed how I looked at the world and what might be possible. It also steered me toward becoming a writer.

The second was an MMO I used to play. None of the friendships I made there lasted, but I took so many lasting life lessons away from the experience which have impacted everything from how I build personal relationships to how I conduct my business with respect to customer service. Playing that game was one of the defining events in my life, however silly that sounds.

What about you? Has a video game changed your life?

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The Walking Dead Complete Series. It helped me see how humanity can devolve at the flip of a dime. The ones you trust can change. And I pay attention to a person's character that may be a threat in an apocalypse or a very poor decision maker that can endanger lives of others. And I know people like that. Scary. I don't have a bug out bag yet, but may need one soon in the good ol USA. 

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I can't say gaming has changed my life dramatically, but I will always be able to appreciate the Summer memories of playing with friends and staying up all night. Gaming, something some of our parents didn't have, are forever embodied in us to reminisce forever. So, the biggest impact gaming has had on me are all the memories. I'm believe that experiences and memories are what make me happy.

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