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What games are you currently playing?

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What games are you currently playing? At the moment I am playing Hitman 2 on Xbox One. Been slowly going through the missions, finding all the useful items. I then plan to re-play each mission and get 100% in them all. Should be fun. 

I am also playing Jackbox this weekened with some friends and maybe Table top simulator. 

What are you playing right now?

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Various Zelda games, and FF8 mostly. I picked up a couple new ones here recently on the Nintendo eShop that I'm looking to try out when I get a minute. But all in all, Zelda and FF8 are what I mainly stick to these days. I have Skyrim on my Switch, but I'm still having trouble actually getting into it, among other games like Witcher 3. Personally I would expect those to be right up my alley as they are the genre that I enjoy the most. But I'm just having difficulty getting "involved" I guess (?) in either game.

I finished a game a few days ago that I'll never be able to play again, due to how emotionally invested I got in it.

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I've been playing the new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 on my Xbox One and been playing Fall Guys on PC. THPS 1+2 is a total blast, it brings me back to my childhood every time I play it. I feel like I never forgot the controls either, it's so smooth. And Fall Guys is tough as usual. 

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At the moment I'm playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on my Switch, and Tell Me Why on my Xbox. I identify with the characters in both games on a very personal level. For those reasons, they are extremely difficult for me to play, but even harder for me not to play.

For example, Senua is schizophrenic. I am schizophrenic as well. If you're not, you can't get as personally involved in the game as someone who is, because you're unable to truly understand our struggle. And once again, I have to thank @Shagger for introducing me to Hellblade, and @skyfire for introducing me to Tell Me Why.

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