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  1. Why does BLM support riots and looting? It only helps perpetuate racism, not ending it.
  2. You agree with the popular opinion as opposed to the unpopular one, which is the topic at hand. Hardly surprising isn't it? Just because you two agree doesn't make your opinion more valid than mine. Everyone's opinion is perfectly well adjusted to their own circumstances. I find it ridiculous that I have to explain this, but here is why I hate controllers: I grew up in a relatively poor (compared to the west) eastern bloc country, where gaming was a luxury only upper middle class families could afford, and videogame consoles, were only affordable to the 1% rich. The price of a single game was equivalent to one month's salary for the average working class person. Not the console's price, the price of one single game! My family wasn't poor by local standards, but console gaming was still far out of reach for me. Therefore the first time I held a console controller in my hand was at 18 years old. And I was already working my first full time job at 24 when I first owned a console. Therefore I never got used to the controller, I can't play effectively with it, it's a struggle, and after finishing many games with it out of necessity it's not for a lack of trying.I'm not going to get any better with it. That's why I want to play every game with a mouse and keyboard instead. Does that make me wrong? No, my stance is perfectly reasonable for my situation. I'm sorry if it felt that I was looking down on those who play with with controllers, that's not my intention. If anything I'm jealous that you can enjoy games with it. I cannot.
  3. I only watch trailers for games that are a long time from releasing. When I want to decide to buy a game or not, I'd rather watch gameplay footage, preferably without any commentary.
  4. Yet, you are hell bent on proving that someone else has a "wrong" opinion. Sorry, but there are no wrong opinions only different opinions. So it seems to me you are very much an amateur in this. You'd better start accepting the fact that other people hold different views, because they had different life experiences, and that doesn't make them wrong. If you honestly think they are missing something, you give them information, because uttering things like "crap, nonsense, name calling, etc." gives zero information, and only serves one purpose: To antagonize people. But if that is your goal, I'm sorry I said anything, I'll learn from my mistake and try to avoid talking to you. In case it wasn't clear enough in my original post I used "You are doing it wrong" sarcastically. I didn't expect anyone to change the way they play games on my say so. A formula1 car is made for racing, it does not need to serve any other purpose. An action game released for PC however, must be designed in Keyboard and Mouse controls in mind, since those are the de-facto standard controls on the platform. Designing a game for PC that can only be properly played with a console controller is therefore bad design.
  5. I'm not telling you to do anything. But I'd play every console game on PC if I could. I only own consoles because some games are not available elsewhere, but I loath console style controls. That is my stance, you don't have to agree with it, but you have to respect that other people will have differing opinions, especially in a topic titled "unpopular opinions"
  6. There is no need to devolve into turd flinging. Hint "unpopular opinions" is the topic title. So it's inevitable you'll disagree with some. Don't tell me this is your first time 😛 Besides that's the only complaint controller fans can ever bring up: walking speeds, it's not like I haven't heard that a billion times. I'll not compromise everything else to be able to walk half speed. If a game needs you to walk faster than the walk mode and slower than run mode for stealth it's simply badly designed.
  7. I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. But here is one: If you play skyrim with sticks you are doing it wrong, I can't even imagine playing that game with anything but a mouse and a keyboard. Or anything else for that matter. The console controller is a good for nothing compromise for couch potatoes. You can play any game on a controller, but none of them very well. For shooters and strategy games: mouse and keyboard. For driving games: A proper wheel setup. For flying a normal stick, not two oversized nipples you have to tweak with your thumbs.
  8. I listen to almost anything, almost. Except for rap, jazz, and blues, and maybe country music. But I don't hate country music I just never listen to it, but rap, blues and jazz I actually hate. If I had to choose a favorite band it must be Laibach. Because they can always be novel even after close to 40 years of existence. They don't just produce music, they produce political satire and visual art. It's very easy for the uninitiated to confuse them with what they are satirizing or ridiculing. You never know what their next release will sound like, but you can always be sure it will be genius. It's an acquired taste, that's well worth acquiring.
  9. I haven't dreamed of a videogame, not that I can recall at least. But there were two games that kept me up at night.
  10. That's just a form of third person view. with a fixed camera position.
  11. Yeah but he wasn't a playable character, I was specifically talking about their player controlled characters. I don't expect every NPC to be likeable, that's not the point, but I need to like or at least understand the protagonist's goals and motivations. So here is another unpopular opinion: Titanfall 2 is a vastly overrated mediocre game at best. For some reason I wasn't convinced that it was actually as good as most people make it out to be, so I put off playing it until it wsa like $5. Man was I glad I didn't pay more for it. Didn't even finish it. It's derivative, the maps are claustrophobic and linear, with lots of backtracking, the main character is extremely two dimensional and cliched. I really don't get what made it so well received and praised. The only things that I found better than average in it was the graphics, and maybe the controls, but those alone won't make it a great game for me.
  12. Pinball Illusions is the only pinball game I need, nobody could top that ever since, or even come close.
  13. I always found the vaults in Mass Effect Andromeda and the Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn eerily similar in concept and design. It's almost as if there was some industrial espionage going on there.
  14. So I just played MS Flight Simulator 2020. Kind of disappointed, it looks much less impressive in person than on the promo videos. And the AI generated landscape is what you'd expect, tried loading up my home city, and it looks awful, nothing like in reality. The buildings look nothing like their real world counterparts, not even their heights and styles are correct most of the time. I expected at least the bigger more unieque buildings to be textured with real world oblique imagery, but sadly no. Everything has the same stock texture on it, so the whole city is a single shade, it all looks bland and lifeless. Roads are not even modelled at all, it's just a lo-res satellite imagery streched on a heightmap. And the rivers seem to flow over bridges not under them. Ground vehicles are disproportionately oversized compared to reality. I've even seen cars driving under water. As it stands google earth's 3D view looks much better than anything in this game that is not hand crafted. And the installer is awfully lazily programmed. The game downloads one file, then uncompresses it on your PC, and only then starts to download the next file. It's slow. In the end I'm glad I only paid $1 to play it. But I'm sure hardcore simulator fans would find it more interesting. Although the flight model didn't seem like anything special. It doesn't seem all that different than the last game in the franchise I played many years ago. X-Plane seemed much more robust than this 10 years ago.
  15. I used to be a first person is the only good way to play games type. Then I left that attitude behind. Nowadays I barely even notice the viewpoint in shooters. it is inconsequential to me. But when it comes down to it, I even prefer 3rd person. Why? Vanity. I want to see my character in action. What's the point of spending hours in character creators and searching for the best looking armor or outfit, if I'm never going to see it? That's why I'm kind of disappointed that CP2077 will be First person view locked. But then there are games where fps view would not work at all, like Tomb Raider with a lot of jumping and climbing and having to be aware of the surroundings. You have zero situational awareness in first person view compared to reality. So I'd argue that TPS view can be more immersive, not less.
  16. I broke my dualshock controller three times playing the last of us on PS3, twice I was able to repair it, once I had to buy a new one. I hate console controls so much, I want to be able to play all shooters with a mouse and keyboard the proper way. I don'T care what platform the game is on, just let me use my mouse for aiming damnit!
  17. It's Niko Bellic Roman was his brother an NPC, and of all the bad characters rockstar has, imo he's the least bad. I need to be able to identify with the player characters goals to want to play a game. If the character constantly does and says things I find objectionable I get frustrated and the result is an unenjoyable experience.
  18. Bloodshot - Absolutely awful avoid at all costs.
  19. m76


    I liked the first few seasons it was one of my favorite shows, but the later seasons, really degraded in quality. Especially the cases and the actual lawyer bit has become very bad and uninteresting. And even the characters started to become over the top. I managed to watch it to the end after a long hiatus, (I don't remember exactly when it went from bad to worse) But if the first seasons are a 9/10, then the last few are a 3/10 at best.
  20. This topic needs revival. I'll start off with one of my unpopular opinions, I have plenty. Rockstar games can't write likeable, relatable characters. All of their characters are miserable self loathing burlap sacks of turds that are impossible to like or identify with. In GTAIV, GTAV, RDR2, all of their recent games. But the older titles weren't much better either, the only difference is that those games were less character heavy so I didn't care that much either way. They even managed to make Max Payne an awful unlikeable character in Max Payne3 when they got their hands on the franchise, basically killing it in one stroke. The Max Payne of Max Payne 3, is as bad as the Luke Skywalker of the Last Jedi. It's antithetical to the established character, a caricature.
  21. I really liked top spin and virtua tennis, but both franchises are in the gutter now as neither had a new release in many years. I also enjoyed golf games, but the modern mictrotransaction infested experience is not appealing at all. Greedy game companies made me hate what I once liked.
  22. I've heard the exact same complaint regularly levied against gaming in the past 20 years or even earlier than that. And I don't think it's more valid now than it was before. There are only so many formulas for games, it's hard to do something that has never been done before. And I think originality is overrated. It's not originality that makes games great, it's using existing and well established formulas in the best way possible. I don't mind what brand they slap on a game, if it means they get the budget to make a good game. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was one of the greatest single player campaigns I played, the COD branding didn't take anything away from it, it just meant they had the budget.
  23. Spoiler tags? Although changing text color to match the background might work
  24. On the top of the list is XCOM2 with 1100 hours. I usually don't spend more time on games than it takes to beat them. I'm not a fan of hunting for collectibles or achievements, so after finishing the campaign I'm usually done with them. Not with this one though. Of course there are games where there is no keeping track of how much time I spent on. One honorary mention has to go to Transport Tycoon, which was released in 1995, and I still actively played it 20 years later. Haven't done so recently, but there is always a chance with that. I must have spent at least 1000 hours on it, neglecting studies in all levels of education. The second game is BeamNG with 420 hours. Quite a feat for a completely aimless game, with no goals just mindless fun. The third most time I've spent on is Train Simulator with 350 hours, but at least some of that was contributed by my late father as we used to share a steam library.
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